Daily horoscope with Manisha Koushik: Thursday, February 8th

Daily horoscope with Manisha Koushik: Thursday, February 8th

Leo: A love at first sight situation cannot be ruled out for some


You are likely to join the game of one-upmanship being played out on the social front. Neglecting seasonal changes may lead to illness, so take adequate precautions. Lover may appear indifferent, so find out why. A property dispute may make some knock the court’s door.

Adhere to your priorities on the academic front. Pressure of work that you had been feeling for the past few days is set to increase. Taxing times are ahead for some businesspersons.


Higher studies can beckon some and may even get them into a premier institution. Domestic harmony is assured for those wanting uninterrupted togetherness with the family. Newlyweds are likely to plan out a short vacation together.

There will be nothing to complain about on the health front. You may get invited to a celebrity do.  You are set to grow professionally and attract new clientele. An excellent investment opportunity comes your way that promises financial security.


You are set to enjoy the exclusive company of people of eminence. Real estate agents may hit it rich in property deals. Keeping a good dietary control will not be difficult and will help in coming back in shape. You succeed in striking friendship with the one you secretly love.

You are likely to win the day on the professional front by your original ideas. Monetary gains from various sources will keep the coffers brimming.


Spending without a set plan is likely to make you touch savings. You may resent playing to someone’s moods on the home front. Those trying to make a new beginning may face unanticipated hurdles. Profits are likely to dip in a business venture and make the financial situation tight.

Those appearing for a competitive exam for higher studies will benefit from the experience of a senior. Don’t lose your focus and energy for the special tasks assigned to you today.


A love at first sight situation cannot be ruled out for some! You are likely to assist someone who is trying to make a mark in a specific field. A family dispute will get amicably resolved.

You feel at the top of the world, where health is concerned. A pub party or a movie may keep you entertained. Things are likely to move favourably on the professional front. Your efforts on the academic front are likely to be lauded.


Getting into a relationship is possible, but don’t be too hasty about it. A break from work will prove most refreshing and restful. You are likely to opt for a healthy alternative to get fit and in shape.

A long journey may prove tiring and boring. A satisfactory performance on the academic front may come as a big relief for some. Your concern to get something important done at work will be appreciated by higher-ups.


Your absence from a family function threatens to get you sidelined on the social front. Those in love can experience some turbulence in their relationship. Seasonal changes may lay you up in bed with illness.

New drivers need to be careful on the road. Be realistic in selecting your objective on the academic front to succeed. Professionals may feel frustrated regarding their slow progress. Some of you may end up investing in a dubious scheme and lose money.


Those appearing for interview will need to stress on current issues to be successful. You will need to make love grow in your relationship since nothing happens automatically in romance. Remaining hooked to Junk food can play havoc with your health.

Difficulties related to a project may keep you involved, but you will manage to find a way out. Your inability to increase your earnings may need some introspection, so find time to do so.


Chance of profiting from something you have thought of is possible, but not without efforts. You are likely to receive a positive feedback about something you had done on the social front. Commuting can eat into your leisure time today.

You may need to take positive steps to bring romance back into your life. Shortcuts on the professional front may solve problems temporarily but can let you down in the long run, so take your call.


You may become a bit bee-minded where spending money is concerned, even if it is for a legitimate reason. Probationers and internees will get a chance to showcase their talents. There is a possibility of starting something new for coming back in shape.

Love life remains satisfactory. An ongoing project may face some hurdles, but nothing that cannot be overcome. Some of you are likely to go all out to make a mark on the academic front.


A partner may be in the mood for romance today, so don’t disappoint and arrange something special! A much-anticipated event on the social front is likely to prove most enjoyable, so don't give it a miss. Mental calmness through meditation can be expected.

An enjoyable trip is on the cards. Your efforts at work will get recognised and give your professional reputation a boost. In these hard financial times, you will be able to keep the money flowing in.


Those recovering from minor surgery will need to keep a check on their progress. You get the opportunity to impress someone on the romantic front. Someone may rubbish your ideas, if you don’t present them well. Health remains satisfactory.

Apprehensions about the efficacy of your ideas may keep you from making any quick decisions. It will be important to get back into the thick of things on the academic front, so as not to lag behind.


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