Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Thursday, February 15th

Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Thursday, February 15th

Taurus: Those contemplating a religious ceremony can go ahead.


A chance to do something that you are passionate about may materialise and make your day! Getting involved with someone on the romantic front cannot be ruled out. A countryside trip with friends and family promises much fun and gaiety.

Health remains excellent, as you become fitness conscious. Love in large doses from well-wishers will keep you in an upbeat mood today. Professionals are likely to earn well and make some new clients too.


Those contemplating a religious ceremony can go ahead, as the day seems favourable. Picking up odd jobs is likely to beef up your main earning. You are likely to get the opportunity to enhance your skills in your area of expertise. Making workouts a part of your routine is indicated.

Everything will go right in something organized by you, so don’t harbour any apprehensions. Inviting out of town friends or relations is likely to make your home lively.


Efforts on the academic front may not bring the kind of results that you expected. Getting the best price for a house or property may become problematic and force you to rethink.

Flared tempers may turn the domestic environment ugly. Your hopes of befriending someone from the opposite gender may be dashed. Those partying hard need to be careful about health, as excessiveness may harm. An argument with superiors threatens to bring you into his or her bad books.


Someone you had entrusted your money with is likely to invest them on your behalf for good returns. An opportunity comes within your grasp on the romantic front, so don’t let it go! Travelling with friends will be fun. A health advice may be taken seriously.

Today, you are likely to enjoy peace and harmony on the domestic front. Curb your habit of over analysing even small incidents that keep you ill at ease and mentally disturbed.


Some hurdles may have to be negotiated in raising capital, but it will be nothing insurmountable. Those in the travel sector will not get the kind of clientele that they had expected, but things won’t be that bad either. Those in love are in for a satisfying time.

Your popularity on the social front is set to rise. You are likely to focus on planning your career path. A new business venture appears promising, so go ahead with it.


An urge to divulge someone’s secret may show you in a bad light, so resist it. This is not the day to buy property, as stars don’t seem favourable. A long journey may prove most tiring and boring. Difference with lover may put paid to a well planned romantic evening.

You can be on the receiving end of somebody’s plot, if you are not careful. Doctors, engineers and other professionals are set to face a hard day.


You will need to keep the right mental attitude to achieve success on the academic front. It may seem difficult to take time out for the family today, but you will manage it somehow. Health matters may take priority over other things.

You will succeed in stemming the impending financial downturn and may even improve your monetary situation. Keeping cool in a situation, going beyond control at work, will help in reining it in without wasting much time.


Those staying out of town can expect some extra pocket money from home. Peace prevails on the domestic front and gives a chance for rest and rejuvenation. Diehard shoppers may find some good bargains to splurge on.

A new diet may not suit your system. It's better to look for alternatives. Spouse may appear uncharacteristically happy, find out why. Your tact and persuasiveness may prove a big strength on the professional front. Academic front remains satisfactory as you forge successfully ahead.


Peace prevails on the home front and give you time for rest and rejuvenation. You are likely to participate in the festive season by going on a shopping spree! At work, you will manage to have your way. An out of town trip with family may get postponed to some other date.

You may need to monitor your finances closely. Getting attracted to a stranger is fraught with risk, but you may take your chances.


You may help someone on the social front by assisting in something important. Extracurricular activities on the academic front are likely to win you accolades. Elder’s advice will prove valuable and help those finding themselves in a tight corner.

You will be able to easily overcome the hurdles faced on the professional front. Extending an olive branch to someone holding a grudge against you will be in your interest, so don’t shy away from it.


An opportunity to study abroad may materialise for some, but they may need to weigh the pros and cons in detail. Chances of an immovable asset coming your way by way of inheritance cannot be ruled out. Efforts will help make things brighten up on the romantic front.

Good health is assured. You will succeed in making things on the work front move at your pace. Professionals will be able to give their best by tackling interruptions effectively.


Someone with a negative frame of mind may compel you to give a sympathetic ear to his or her woes on the social front. Disappointment on the romantic front is likely to affect your performance on the professional or academic front. Exceeding the budget to buy a luxury item may upset your financial applecart.

Your apprehensions of undertaking something important may not be without basis, so accept it only if you feel hundred percent confident.

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