Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Thursday, December 21

Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Thursday, December 21

Pisces: Holding someone else responsible for your own shortcomings is just not on.


You may be losing your clout on the social front and only you are to be blamed. Address at priority a domestic issue that has been hanging fire for long, before it creates problems.

At work, you are likely to give a good account of yourself in performance of your tasks. Your spirited approach on the academic front will remove all impediments from your path.



Focus only on the priorities at work and you will not go wrong. Use your intelligence to outwit someone competing with you, instead of doing things underhand.

Earning big bucks is foreseen for commission agents and property dealers. Those forced to live away from family due to job constraints may plan to return for a family reunion. On the academic front, paucity of time can make you panicky.



You may resent toeing somebody’s line, but going it alone may not be your cup of tea. Social networking will help you interact with people and get the latest on the grapevine. Marketing and business development personnel will find the day favourable. Those sceptical may finally get convinced about the efficacy of a far-reaching decision pertaining to their organisation. Financially, you may need to plan things ahead.



Something you do today or in the near future may have far-reaching consequences. You are likely to enjoy the company of like-minded people today.

At work, you will have your direction and restore the ventures that had been retired for long. Better guidance will make the students perform better on the academic front. You will be most supportive, when you require someone the most.



Your endeavour to gain lost ground on the academic front is set to be richly rewarded. At work, it is best not to be overly sensitive and take offence at the slightest pretext, as you may find yourself isolated.

Today, a debate or discussion is likely to bring out the best in you. Extra coaching is a must to make your mark on the academic front.


Sheer laziness may let slip a golden opportunity on the business front, so remain proactive. If you get a chance to take up a new course or training, don’t back off, as it may come to your aid at a later date.

Your hard work and dedication will help bring you closer to your academic goals. Don’t be a spendthrift, as you can get into a financially tight situation.



Someone ignoring you may feel hurtful, but there is little point in crying over it; such things keep happening, so get on with your life. With continued efforts, you will manage to scale greater heights on the academic front.

Profits accrue in investments done in the past. Friends and relatives will admire you for help and motivation. A great day is foreseen for those in love.



Maintain your distance from someone you know is working against your interests. Changes are foreseen at work and may not be to your liking, so lodge your protest.

A refresher course can change the outcome on the academic front; see if you are up to it. It is best not to touch your savings, whatever be the need. A passionate evening will help boost togetherness.



Today, you seem efficiency personified! Tackling everything and completing is likely to give you a high. Send the right signals on the romantic front, if you want things to progress favourably. At work, maintaining good relations with old associates will prove a big boon. Starting something new on the personal front has a fifty-fifty chance of success. A maturing insurance policy may come to your rescue.



Getting things in order may keep you busy today at work or at home. You will do well to listen to people more knowledgeable than you are and act on their suggestions, if you want to make your mark on the academic front.

A contentious issue may get amicably resolved with no hard feelings. Professionals are probably going to run over profit-making opportunities.   



Something done in haste on the academic front is certain to be full of errors, so redo it before submitting. A cheque eluding you for long may show signs of materialising, so pursue it in right earnest.

Your work is probably going to go under the scanner, but there is nothing to stress over. Make your goodness all encompassing and you will gain a lot from it.



Holding someone else responsible for your own shortcomings is just not on, so give up this tendency. There is a scant chance of meeting someone influential today, due to his or her prior commitment.

But it is in your interest to make the meeting happen, if not today, then at the earliest. An important presentation on the professional front is likely to go well.


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