Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Sunday, November 26

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See what the day has in store for you!



Today, your better judgement will reign supreme in a professional matter. Right kind of exposure will be of immense help in choosing the right career.

Don't let a strained relationship gnaw you from the inside; time is a great healer. Someone’s arrival is likely to brighten up the domestic environment. A compliment from the one you secretly admire may make your day. Wasteful expenditure is best avoided.



Raking up the past is not the way of putting somebody down, so fight fair! At work, be careful as your lethargy can cost you heavy. Your academic achievement may open many avenues for you, if you are patient enough.

A lucrative deal may need fine negotiating skills to swing it your way. Don’t expect a loan given to a friend to be returned in a hurry.



It is best to go with the flow, as any stand on your side on any issue is likely to ruffle feathers. A change desired by you through renovation or resetting may become a prolonged affair.

Your way with words and persuasive powers are likely to impress your clients. The one you secretly admire may open the lines of communications, so don't let this opportunity slip by.



Aiding somebody in need may pressure your mind, so do whatever you can. Business front doesn’t seem as rosy as before due to stiff competition.

You may plan your expenditure, but you will need to ensure that it goes as per plans. At home, time will be well spent in the company of friends and relations. Your romantic endeavours may get rewarded in full measure.



Getting better over time in your field of expertise is likely to give you better breaks on the professional front. Holding the centre stage at a social gathering will keep your popularity intact.

Well-wishers are likely to send you loving messages. Previous arrears will make you financially strong enough to realise your dreams. Continued good health is likely to keep you in an upbeat mood.



Your desire to do something out of the ordinary may get countered by your laziness, but little you can do about it! Things remain good on the academic front, as you explore better avenues of study. An invitation that you are fervently seeking may come to you. Your fond wish to celebrate an event in style is likely to find the light of the day very soon.


It is best not to take sides in a situation where you are close to both the warring parties. On the academic front, pinning your hopes on anyone is not advisable, as you may be left high and dry.
Broaden your sphere on the professional front to secure more opportunities. Come in the saving mode on the financial front by curbing your tendency of wasting money.



Little issues that affect you may need to be overcome by not sweating the small stuff. At work, problems envisaged, but not acted upon may be your undoing.

A family get-together or an outing with family and friends is indicated today and will prove most exciting. Soundness of an investment needs to be looked into, before going ahead with it. Good time lies ahead for vacationers.



Your prospects on the professional front are likely to brighten. However, professional responsibilities may give little time for enjoyment. Expect a pat on the back for something achieved on the academic front. A heart-to-heart talk can save a relationship, so think about it.

An unexpected expenditure will need to be tackled through your savings. New experiences on the academic front will be highly enjoyable.



It is in your interest to initiate something that has been pending for long. A post being offered to you on the professional front seems lucrative, but don't jump into it without viewing it more deliberately.

Those married need to keep stagnation away by rejuvenating their love life. Oodles of happiness are in store for the lonely hearts, as they manage to discover their soul mates.



You may find things getting favourable on the professional front. Someone’s honest intentions may need to be taken at the face value. You will find the resources to handle an urgent job competently.

Those roaming starry-eyed are likely to get a chance to meet their favourite celebrity. Lover may encourage you to open up your heart, but you don’t need to blurt out everything!



Reaching out to your well-wishers at this juncture will keep you ever popular amongst them. It may be difficult to circumvent the red tape to get a license or approval.

Today, uncharacteristic praise from a superior may catch you off guard, but don't forget to act grateful! Those seeking love may get desperate. A family matter is best resolved in-house, so don't make it public.