Daily horoscope with Manisha Koushik: Saturday, December 2

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See what the day has in store for you!



Pleasing everyone is difficult, so don't go out of the way to do so. You will hit your goal on the academic front.

Remember that co-existing amicably is the key to happiness. Being health conscious and eating right would dissolve all your health issues. You'll do well financially.



Things that have been started earnestly should be carried on. You'd be meeting influential people today, so turn this opportunity to your advantage.

Speculation may not bring in the kind of returns you have been expecting. Finding a good match for an eligible family member would keep you worried. Homemakers would be frustrated if a change of scene doesn’t happen fast!



Setting the right environment would help you make the most of the day. A training to learn something new might be on the cards.

Doing things yourself would boost your confidence, so don’t delegate tasks. Differences need to be sorted out in relationship before they create a divide. A financial issue can keep you up at night.



The right momentum is needed to fare well in academics. Monetary gains are indicated and promise to bring you on a firm financial footing. A family issue is likely to rake up a lot of dirt and cause heartburns.

Things may not appear too rosy on the romantic front. Look for natural ways to cure your sleep deprivation.



Do not create a scene each time you get no as an answer. Do not underestimate the potential of your colleagues at work. Follow a fitness regime to get back to shape.

The time is right to put your ideas into action. A welcome change in your daily routine will help in keeping you recharged. You will earn handsome dividends through judicious investments.



Out of town travel is indicated for a business-related mission. Don’t leave things half-baked on the home front to avoid confrontation with a family member.

Networking can be the saviour on the academic front. Your charitable nature would definitely do you good. You would take up a healthy diet. Don't bank entirely on previous investments; find newer ways of making money.



Do not be at loggerheads with someone who is opposed to your ideas. Don't agree to any terms and conditions you find fishy in a property related matter.

Students will excel on the academic front. Moving to a new location, personally and professionally, is on the cards.



Set your sights high and push yourself on the academic front instead of being content with what you already know. A family youngster may set you fuming by not doing your bidding.

You would be able to impress people by managing something single-handedly. You should be proactive in setting right a glitch at work. Work to make your relationship tick.


Your desire to get some privacy would make you incommunicado for your near and dear ones. Something you desperately need may have to wait till your financial situation improves.

Homemakers should go beyond the usual on the domestic front. Getting invited to an elite event is a distinct possibility for some.


Traders and retailers are up for some good earning prospects. You might meet a childhood buddy, so get set to walk down the memory lane.

On the fitness front, don’t overdo the sweating out a bit without adequate preparations. An enjoyable outing with friends is foreseen today. Don't change gears midway on the academic front, as it may not be in your interest.



You need to stick to your work, come what may. Domestic front is up for a positive change. Delegation is the key, if you want to lighten your workload.

On the academic front, something close to your heart may get realised. Changes pertaining to a trip out of town cannot be ruled out. Make the best of meeting with your love interest today. Eat healthy to stay fit.



Complete all pending tasks as soon as you can to avoid any confrontations at work. Someone’s plight may worry you, but it is best not to interfere as he or she is quite capable of handling it.

Those associated with handicraft business or fashion designing would find business abroad. Your hunch about something on the academic front will prove right.