Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Monday, November 27

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See what the day has in store for you!



Your plans may to upstage a rival may fail, as you seem to be on an unsound footing. Don’t expect complete success in whatever you are trying on the academic front.

Difficulties on the financial front that you had been facing up till now begin to disappear. Festivities and functions may keep you busy and entertained. A romantic evening is on the cards, so enjoy.



A trip with family is envisaged and will be most enjoyable. Don't throw spanner in the works of a family youngster wanting to do things his or her own way.

This is a good time to go in for property or initiate renovation. You fare well in an inter-departmental competition or a promotion exam. Newlyweds can expect to be called over by friends or relatives today.



Your assurance to someone will infuse a new vigour in him or her to excel. Expect the days to turn hectic, as visitors arrive from outside to delight and entertain you.

An imaginative thought or a change at work environment is probably going to give you the acknowledgment you look for. Financially, you are set to grow stronger as past arrears materialise. Don't get swayed by lover’s sweet talk.




Planning something dire against someone just to get even can rebound on you, so don't listen to bad advice. You may crave the company of someone who is no longer there with you. Those wanting to start business will succeed in making a beginning. Home environment remains serene and peaceful. This is the right time to start putting money together for something you want.



Those suffering from lifestyle diseases need to take full precautions. You must start on a fresh note to normalise relations with people you dislike.

Pull up your socks at work, as your output may come under the scanner. Those in the medical or engineering professions may face a tough day. Money promised to you shows no sign of materialising, so take the necessary steps.



You will need to remain on friendly terms with everyone on the business front to progress. Someone will help you in coping up with health issues facing you.

You will get the opportunity to invest your time in things that matter most in realising your dream. Chance to realise your academic potential is here. You will manage to wriggle out of something you don’t want to do.



You will get to spend time today with a near and dear one. Health of a relative may cause somewhat of a worry, however will be not all that much.

Things are set to take a favourable turn on the academic front, so sit tight! Those in the creative field may have a tough time convincing the clients. You will manage to stabilise expenses by cutting corners.



It is in your interest to go out of your way to help someone in need. Partner may require your sympathetic ear today to air his or her woes.

On the academic front, rich rewards await those with their nose to the grindstone. Resolve a family dispute amicably and with a human touch. Saying it with flowers will strengthen bonds of love and reinforce feelings for each other.



Something initiated now will have far reaching consequences. Time has arrived in your life to change tracks. So, follow what has been ordained by destiny.

You may have your hands full in office in sorting out issues involving employees. Peace prevails on the domestic front, as you go all out to make home a happy place. A gift is the surest way to pull anyone to your side!



Don’t let a minor issue vitiate the domestic environment. Take things in your stride, if you don't want to spoil your day. Remain balanced in your approach to tackle a man management situation at work.

Discussing investments with an expert is certain to widen your horizon. A home remedy is likely to get the ailing hundred percent fit. A hunch about someone proves correct.



Too many things are circulating in the air, but you must endeavour to try to get to the truth. At work, winning a deal may be a trying experience, but you will manage to pull it off.

Relocating your base may have a fresh set of problems, so consider this option well. You are likely to get the recognition you crave on the academic front.



Spending time with someone close is indicated. Your friendly gestures will be returned to the fullest extent and make you feel good from the inside. Praise or honour may be bestowed on some on the academic front.

A new business may become a turning point in your search for prosperity. Those romantically inclined can expect the day to rock! You may remain health conscious and seek total fitness.