Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Monday, March 12th

Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Monday, March 12th

Taurus: Some of you may be busy packing your bags for a trip.


Enjoying new places today is on the cards. You are likely to take the first step in mending fences with a rival. Job market seems rosy for those looking for suitable employment. Your communication skills and persuasiveness is likely to help you win a business deal.

Those suffering from an allergy will need to be extra careful. You can receive part payment of a loaned amount. Lover is likely to bestow love and tenderness to make the day fulfilling.


Some of you may be busy packing your bags for a trip. Don’t do anything to offend anyone, as tables can be turned on you. Cutting corners in a given task can put you in a spot at work. Real estate agents can get hard pressed for offering discounts.

A positive reply to a wedding proposal is likely to bring happiness. Someone in the family may lend you a helping hand. Health will remain fine with self-control.  


You will manage to bring peace and stability at home by tact and diplomacy. Good foresight on your part will help in preempting a man-management issue at work. You will need to be alert to renew a contract or placing a tender, before you get into a tight corner.

Your good intentions can be misinterpreted by a member of the opposite camp. Health can cause problems due to negligence. Remain alert on the road while driving.


Crossing swords with someone influential over a professional issue is fraught with risk, so desist. Don’t disclose more than you need to in a personal situation. A misunderstanding with spouse shows all signs of escalating today. A good source of earning comes to those looking for financial security.

Business owners may find their sales dipping, but it will be a temporary phase. A person of opposite gender may befriend you today. Switch to a healthy lifestyle.


You will need to be more outgoing if you want to remain on the social circuit. A confused state due to too many responsibilities may become your bane at the workplace. Not investing in a scheme that seems lucrative at this point of time will save you from a future loss.

Meeting an exciting person on the romantic front is likely for some. A minor ailment can aggravate if neglected. Some of you may make plans for an exciting outing.


Appreciation comes your way on the academic front, as you manage to keep your mind on the task at hand and excel. Differences cropping up with spouse will be tactfully handled by you without causing any frictions. An old ailment troubling some is likely to disappear soon.

Your cost-cutting measures will prove most effective in saving money. Exchanging sweet nothings with the one you love may prove immensely pleasurable today. A favourable day is foreseen at work.  


You may remain tense on the academic front, but your fears will be unfounded. Those looking for love are certain to find it today. An enjoyable vacation is in store for some, but travel by road is not advised, at least not for today. Good financial acumen will help some in adding to their wealth.

Family support will be forthcoming in a new venture. Good networking will help you in raising capital for a project.


Your loving ways are likely to make you popular on the social front. You will find yourself in the right frame of mind to execute something important on the professional front today. Financially the day augurs well for the professionals. A work-related issue can keep you mentally ill at ease.

Supervision of subordinates will be important today. Those trying to travel overseas can face visa related difficulties. There will be no complaints on the health front.


An added qualification is likely to up your chances for a lucrative job. The day finally dawns when your performance gets noticed by higher-ups. Chances of gaining money through unexpected sources look bright. It will be exciting to meet an old buddy and reminisce the days of yore.

A personal victory is in store for some on the social front. You will enjoy good health once you set your mind to achieving it. Romance rocks!


There will be no respite for you as you get burdened with additional work today. Homemakers may have to slog it out today in the absence of any help. An old hobby may not appear as interesting as it used to. Those working from home may find unfavorable work environment.

Profits in a deal may not be as great as anticipated. Fun may be missing from a vacation. Health may not allow you to enjoy a gathering.


You will find your way clear for achieving your immediate professional goals. Promotional prospects for those in the defence forces brighten. Well planned investments will let you live off the interest. You will manage to curb a family youngster’s bad habit.

Your ideas on the romantic front will find favour with lover and may get a big yes for an answer! Health remains excellent, as you become increasingly health conscious. You will do well on the academic front.  


This is an excellent day for travelling, especially if you are planning to go to some tourist destination. An exciting incident is likely to be etched in your memory and give you endless pleasure.

The day is favourable for starting a new project at work. Anxiety that had been clouding your mind for some time is set to dissipate. You will manage to remain in shape through your own efforts. Love blooms, as you take the initiative. 

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