Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Monday, January 22nd

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Capricorn: It appears difficult to hold on to your beliefs, but persistence will pay.




Make the most of the opportunity that presents itself today. Keep subordinates on your radar at work, if you want to get things expedited. A pat on the back can be expected on the academic front.

On the social front, you are likely to become more popular and attract people. Chance to add to your wealth may come to you. Attending a function and rubbing shoulders with celebrities is indicated.


You may go a step further in ensuring your interests at work. Keep your fingers crossed on the academic front. Someone may take an exception to your actions, so think and act.

Don't get taken in by someone’s sweet words, he or she may be putting on an act for their own vested interests. Today, you can find yourself in romantic mood, so plan an evening out with lover.



Your full time engagement in a project is indicated, so gird up you loins. There is someone who seems bent upon in misguiding you, so be cautious.

You will find things moving the way you want them to on the academic front. Your close association with someone may turn into budding romance. Today, if you are travelling for a specific purpose, you will achieve what you have set out for.


Your chiding about someone may become a cause of instigation for a family youngster, so think and speak. Someone may be keeping a close tab on you on the social front.

Despite the odds, you will manage your finances well. Good sense is likely to dawn on those ailing due to poor dietary habits. Your disinterest will be apparent in a task assigned to you at work today.



It is not good to oppose the efforts of one who is thinking in the larger interest of all. Keep your fingers crossed regarding an issue that is close to your heart.

If it is your own work, you will be on the forefront to see it to completion. Those switching jobs may get a glowing referral from their previous employers. Financially, you need to remain in the saving mode.



Someone’s indifference at work may make you see red, but don't lose your shirt. You may need to go all out to finish an assignment on the academic front.

Those unwell are set to recover. Some of you can take up an outdoor sport just to remain fit. Fun activities with friends will prove most enjoyable. Those looking for love may get lucky today. The day seems ideal for an outing.



You will need to shake off lethargy and get down to the business at hand. Someone close may remain cross with you for something you have not done. Chances of getting into an embarrassing situation on the social front cannot be ruled out.

Old magic may be missing in meeting someone you have not met in years. Romantic life is likely to stagnate, so make efforts to rekindle it.


Getting a suitable break on the professional front is indicated for some. Those in a steady job can expect to reach the next level of the hierarchy. Keep your options open on the academic front.

A housewarming party is on the anvil for those moving into a new house. Travelling to meet someone close is possible. You may need to adjust to some changes at work, so remain flexible.    


You will need to recognise the efforts of someone who is giving his or her best to you. Finding the right candidates to shoulder important tasks will be easy, but retaining them may prove tricky. Someone may try to hoodwink you on the financial front, so remain careful.

Worries facing you on the academic front will only disappear if you put your nose to the grindstone. Romance beckons the seekers.  


It appears difficult to hold on to your beliefs, but persistence will pay. On the academic front, there much to do that is nearing a deadline, so tighten your belt. You will need to be more conscious of your financial situation to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Waiting for the weather to turn perfect to resume your daily exercises may make you miss the bus, so shed your lethargy and hit the track!


Don't dilute the criteria that you have set for something if you want quality. Today, much fun is in store for you on the social front. The eligible may have some difficult choices before them on the matrimonial front.

You may get the opportunity to enhance your skills. Someone you love may spring a pleasant surprise. You can be a bit more extravagant than required in your spending.



Getting disillusioned with someone may present some hard choices before you, but don't act in haste. Keep your priorities right, if you want to meet the deadlines at work.

People would want to connect with you because of your financial instinct. It will be a good idea to reach out to a career counsellor to explore more career opportunities. You remain in good health.