Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Monday, January 15th

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Leo: Many more avenues are likely to open up for you on the academic front.



You may have to bide your time, before initiating anything on the professional front. This is the time when you are likely to prove your mettle on the professional or academic front.

Your popularity at work will prove a boon in getting a helping hand. You may become the talk of the town through your achievements. Even the spotlight on the social front can be on you. Some thought may need to be given to your health.


There is a good chance of someone helping you out in your hour of need. You will proceed in the right direction at work as you anticipate well. Some distinction is likely to be conferred on you on the academic front.

There is a great risk in taking up a project without clearing your mind about its financial implications. Those preparing for an important exam or competition will have to make the home environment conducive to studies.



Learning the ropes on the professional front is likely to make you more confident of dealing with all and sundry. A profitable venture promises to bring you into a lot of money.

Taking up yoga or meditation is likely to keep you healthy and at peace with yourself. You are likely to bestow love and care on a family elder. Good news awaits you on the academic front. A vacation will help you let your hair down.


You may have to go the whole way for a friend, even if you don’t feel like it! Those suffering from a bout of ill health are likely to bounce back to perfect health. Cutting down on junk food is foreseen for some and will benefit them immensely.

Your wish to discuss a professional matter with a senior may not immediately materialise. Don’t slacken the pace of work just waiting for this chance. The financial front remains satisfactory.   


Many more avenues are likely to open up for you on the academic front. You may have to deal with a situation at work today that you have not encountered before.

A family member may want you to splurge; so don’t disappoint. Take time out for a social get together as you may receive an opportunity to meet people of influence. Encouraging signs may appear for the eligible on the marriage front.


You may feel stifled in a competitive environment on the academic front. Don’t venture out without adequate preparation for an event, as you may land in an embarrassing situation. Stabilising the expenses may not be as easy as it appears to be, so expect landing into a financially tight situation.

Being blunt and telling someone off, who is in the habit of sponging off you, may be your only alternative. A family member may not agree with you.


You will have the opportunity to win people over, even those who dislike you! This is a good day to implement your ideas at work. Your creative talents will be much in evidence on the professional front.

You may need to handle a family situation with maturity. Easing the mind of a family member over some issue becomes important at this juncture. Romantic life rocks, as you spare time to enjoy togetherness. Money loaned is likely to be returned.


You will need to play fair, especially with those who are touchy. This is a bad phase that you may be passing through on the professional front. Something you were certain of may not happen at all.

Disappointments can be faced on the home front by some. Putting money in a dubious scheme can upset financial stability. If you continue with the kind of excesses you are presently indulging in, you can be laid up in bed.



This is a good time to renew old contacts. Your perseverance pays as you succeed in bagging a lucrative contract. Chance of a promotion or some additional perks is likely for some. Good earning can find you on splurging spree with friends.

Money invested in the past promises good returns. You can call your near and dear ones over for a party. Parents are likely to give you a free hand in something you wanted to indulge in.


You may have to get around someone for help on the academic front. Slow pace of progress at work can make you restless. You can have second thoughts about a new venture in view of the ground realities.

Your desire for changes on the domestic front can be met with stiff resistance. A reduction in earning will be more than compensated for from other sources of income. There may be a requirement for you to travel out of town.


You may get shortlisted for something important at work. Spending time with family will be fun today. Your attempts to be socially in are likely to get you into your old cocktail circuit.

Love is likely to blossom and strengthen your bond with each other. Those travelling by road need to stay extra cautious. A long awaited property dispute is likely to settle in your favour. Wait n watch policy will work wonders on the finance front.



You may get into two minds regarding continuing someone’s services. You will need to make efforts to keep your financial situation in control. A change in weather may have its own repercussions on the health. Professionally, the day will yield some achievements.

Your ideas will be much sought after by the people who matter. Spouse may keep the home front buzzing with some or the other activity. Love life remains satisfactory.