Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Monday, December 4

Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Monday, December 4

Libra: It is better to remain neutral today.


Being in touch with the influential will help you get what you want on the job front. Put your best foot forward to impress a client, especially the one who can help you in your business. It's not the right time to take an important work-related decision. Put it on hold. 

Don’t use all your savings for buying a vehicle, strategize your investments. Family life remains fulfilling.



Financial woes would end soon. A work-related issue gets settled giving you much relief. Financially, you stay strong.

Your commitment on the professional front will be recognised. You might go for a short and exciting vacation. Family’s support and concern for you will be most encouraging. 



Good preparation will help you gain an edge over competitors. Lovers will get that one chance they were waiting for. You'd be fit and energetic, thanks to your regular workouts.

You might be in the mood to set somebody straight today! A regular inflow of money would keep you financially strong. Creative people may figure out how to benefit, as their work sells like hot cakes.


Not the most suitable time to question processes and protocols at work as people might hold it against you. Getting the best out of someone on the academic front will give you immense satisfaction. 

You might go for an outing wiht your family. Someone you meet today may forge a lasting relationship. Your idea of appeasement may fail to impress partner, so don’t even try!



Things seem to be in your favour on the professional front. There are quite a few opportunities around, you just have to grab them. Today, you may be hard put to entertain someone who is visiting you for a few days.

You are likely to make things work for you on the academic front. Financially, you will be well off with plenty to spare! Health would be okay.


Find the root cause of the problem that's making you uneasy lately. Don't worry unnecessarily if it is something that is to happen in the future. Settling old disputes may distract you from your main aim. 

Don't let your professional rivals get a leg up on you. Winning the affections of the one you furtively love may turn into the greatest accomplishment of the day!


It's best to remain neutral in family matters. You'd put your best foot forward to impress superiors at work. 

Something started on the side may acquire great benefits. Your might take up adventure sports. Energy supplements come in handy to put you back on the fitness trail.


Don't let your problems pile up and start solving them one by one. You might not be able to convince higher authorities today, but don't be dejected. Your bargaining power may get undermined due to some recent developments.

If you want to remain stress-free, Bring positive changes in your life. You might take up a sightseeing tour that would be enriching for you.



You may get involved in organising something big. Someone is likely to upstage you socially. Careless mistakes may get you hauled up at work. Don’t do anything that's not your job scope as it would complicate matters for you.

Safe investments will fill your coffers slowly, but steadily without any risk. Don’t expect your lover to make you the focus of his or her attention all the time.


Your creative prowess will be much in evidence today. Don't open up in front of seniors, as you can offend someone. An unforeseen expenditure threatens to deplete your savings. Spouse or a family elder may need attention.

Work that keeps you totally engrossed may become your saviour today. Your resolve to remain fit will be richly rewarded. Remain in the right frame of mind by embracing happy thoughts.



Create goodwill with everyone as it would help you. You may be in the process of slipping back into your routine after a hectic time with your loved ones.

Good investments will keep you strong financially. Finding a cosy corner to be with your sweetheart may not be as easy as you think. A spat with spouse may end today!



Tackling both financial and family problems at the same time is not possible, take one step at a time to be sure. Your diligence at work would be noticed.

Get the best out of an opportunity that may present itself soon. Just expressing sympathy for someone’s plight may not be enough, so need to find out teh solution to the problem.

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