Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Monday, December 18th

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Pisces: Strive harder for a peaceful solution to a contentious matter.


Provide motivation to someone who is in dire need of it in whatever he or she is pursuing. There is no point in getting worried about a failed relationship; start afresh and let bygones be.

It is the right time to put in action something planned on the personal level. Don’t let a setback on the academic front turn to disappointment; you will manage to salvage the situation.


The right attitude at work is important in tackling what is coming your way. On the financial front, you may find it difficult to judge a proposal on face value, so play it safe by biding your time.

Be judicious in your spending to keep your bank balance healthy. There is no choice but to learn the ropes, if you want to get ahead of your rivals.



You will be able to favourably work out the modalities of payment for a major item you have purchased. Adapt your workout plan to your lifestyle; this way you will remain motivated to shake a leg.

This is an excellent day for property matters. Don’t let office politics colour your view of someone innocent. Your romantic aspirations are likely to make you bag a perfect mate.



It may be difficult to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea; so look only on the positive aspects of both, without making a choice. Academic pressure is set to increase, so pull up your socks.

In business, good earning opportunities will be near enough for you to seize them. Don’t ride your luck too much in a relationship, as reverses are possible.



Monetary gains are foretold, as you are set to receive back payment. Be careful on the property front, as you can get saddled with a bad bargain. You will need to put in more efforts in the competitive environment that you find yourself in.

A brief separation from partner is indicated, but the space you get will be most welcome! You get benefitted by adopting a fitness programme.



Apply your intelligence to better your circumstances, before things reach a point of no return. Someone you believe in is likely to light your path and lead you to your goal.

Your efforts will help sort out a personal issue in relationship. A challenging new assignment may come your way on the academic front. Fitness club is a good option for coming back in shape.



Adhere to what you promise, as going back on your word may singe your reputation. A family matter disturbing your mind will reach an amicable resolution.

Don't trust anyone with your money, as you can be taken for a ride. Catering to the changing weather will help in keeping fit. Love life is likely to pass through an excellent phase, as you lovingly groom your relationship.



Limit your desires, as these only result in frustration; be more aware of your ground realities. You may accomplish much on the professional front by bagging some good deals or netting some promising clients.

Do everything to raise the quality of your work on the academic front. Keeping close tabs on the expenditure will help you in saving for essentials. Keep health in mind while indulging in excesses.



Make something that needs your attention your top priority, if you don’t want to get into problems. On the academic front, your sincere efforts are likely to be richly rewarded.

Mutual respect and understanding will take your relationship to a new level. A trip with family is indicated and is likely to prove most enjoyable. Landing a good job is possible for those looking for one.



Don’t rely on luck on the academic front; it is your efforts that decide your fate! You need to set things right to do well. Getting into the rhythm at work will help you make good progress.

Badly needed support will be forthcoming and will help put your plans on the track. Someone’s arrival is likely to make the day entertaining. You keep fit and energetic.



Set your sights high and trust your capabilities, if you want better compensation on the job front. Dealing with a manipulative person may take much doing, but you will tackle him or her most effectively.

Overcome jealousy, as it only results in troubling the mind. This is the time to strengthen the family bonds. A dip in fortunes will not affect the financial front.



Strive harder for a peaceful solution to a contentious matter. Weather on the relationship front looks rough today, so give partner space. Avoid obvious pitfalls by heeding the advice of a workplace senior.

Your gut feeling about a financial issue is likely to hit the bulls-eye and make you rich. You may have to take up your fitness regime seriously and eat right to remain fit.