Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Monday, December 11th

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See what the day has in store for you!


Don't hang out with negative people, as they are certain to colour your mind. On the academic front, those appearing for a competitive exam may require extra coaching.

Taking a break from your daily work routine may find you refreshed and rejuvenated. Dealing in real estate seems profitable at this point in time. You may invest in something that promises great returns in the future.



Good turn done to someone may be returned with full interest and steer you safely through a bad patch. It is in your interest to team up with someone knowledgeable to explore a new business enterprise.

A gift will be the surest way to get a sulking partner in an upbeat mood, so don't mull over it. An old medical problem may play up through your own negligence.



Pending issues need to be resolved as quickly as possible, before they become unmanageable. Some of you may get a chance to participate in a reality show or a talent hunt.

This is an ideal day to implement changes at home that you had been contemplating for long. Some of you go around distributing invitation cards for a marriage or some other function.



Keep your moodiness in check today, as others may not be in the right frame of mind to cater to you. You are likely to find your focus wavering on the academic front.

The health of a family member may cause a bit of a concern, but will be nothing serious. It is best to stabilise your expenses and bring yourself into the saving mode.


You will need to play the referee to two warring factions, so be fair and forthright. Your efforts on the professional front will be most rewarding. A pat on the back from a superior is likely.

Concern for someone of the opposite gender may get replaced by romantic feelings. You may go out of your way to provide full support to someone who is facing a trying situation. Health remains satisfactory.



Not doing anything to improve your career prospects may bring you into partner’s cross-hairs, so it is time to sit up and act! At work, you may get embroiled in something that you are not too familiar with and may cut a sorry figure.

On the academic front, you get amply rewarded for your achievements. Maintaining your workout schedule is important to come back in shape.



It is best to keep away from those you feel uncomfortable with, lest you regret it at a later date. Do everything possible to not give a wrong impression about your potential on the professional front.

Keeping superiors on your right side at work assumes importance at this juncture. Those facing problems on the health front can expect improvement in their condition. Expect a good time with lover today.



You will succeed in starting a new business or expanding an already established one. Going out of your way to promote yourself on the professional front will help regain your popularity.

A situation may develop on the personal front where you may have to speak up your mind, but tread softly. Loan sanctioned will be a boon on the academic front. Don’t get taken in by magic cures.



You will manage to complete whatever is given to you in an exemplary way, but don't let this success go to your head. An outing with family may have to be given a miss, due to certain professional commitments.

Your competitive spirit will help keep pace with others on the academic front. A good financial move may get you on the path to prosperity.



The stance taken by you at work may go against you if you persist, so review it at the earliest. You may be determined to prove yourself to your detractors, but it appears to be an exercise in futility.

Planning for a project may take time, but your thoroughness will see it through without any glitches. A wedding or a function may take you out of town.



You may have to chip in to improve your financial condition. At work, circumstances are set to turn favourable to boost your career. Hanging out with old friends is indicated today and will be most entertaining.

Lonely hearts are set to get lucky, as they manage to find their soul mate. Things are likely to go your way on the academic front. Keep physically active to keep fit.



Don’t get carried away by someone’s assurances, as he or she may not deliver. You may have to put the right amount of pressure to get your job done.

Those who have applied for a house or plot may find the situation turning favourable. Dark clouds that had been playing hide and seek on the relationship front are finally set to dissipate. Financially, you remain strong.