Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Friday, November 24th

Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Friday, November 24th

See what the day has in store for you!



Assessing a situation correctly on the work front is important to take the next step, so don't be in any kind of hurry. A new health product will help you in getting back in shape. Meeting someone you like is indicated today. A deal is likely to be sealed that promises good profits. Those hoping to break even on the monetary front will succeed in their efforts.



Catering to someone’s expenses may take some doing, so budget your spending. You need to be wary of mistakes being committed to your charge at work.

Things on the academic front run smoothly and give you ample time to do your own thing. Good natured as you are, you are set to create a lot of goodwill amongst your admirers and well-wishers and win praise.


Don't mistake anyone’s good turn for generosity, as he or she seems to have a vested interest. Your gift of the gab is likely to come to your rescue at work today.

Someone close to you may help you out in a tight situation on the academic front and save you a lot of hassle. Wise investments will keep your bank balance healthy. Get set for an official trip.



If you get a better deal go for it, as this chance may not come back again. At work, you will manage to play your cards well to get noticed by those who matter.

Those with the desire to make a lot of money may get lucky. You may meet someone you were once close to. Catching someone’s eye may turn into a budding romance!



If you take the easy way out on the academic front, you may suffer, so take your call. Remain unbiased in a family situation to be fair to all. Monetary front stays satisfactory and may encourage you to thoroughly consider approaches to increase your benefits.

Those preparing for competitive exams may have to surmount difficulties. Find time to clear pending files in office today.



Promises need to be backed by action; mere words may not carry you far in business. Things may begin to look up on the academic front, as you make your mark.

Those pursuing higher studies will need to put their nose to the grindstone. You manage to accomplish something difficult to the satisfaction of all. Returns from an investment may not prove too encouraging.



Maintain a low profile at work today, if you don't want to come into a senior’s firing line! On the academic front, you may find yourself in the midst of something important today.

An important decision on the personal front can make or break a relationship, so deliberate well. Monetarily, you remain on a safe wicket. Nip a minor ailment in the bud by taking preventive measures.



It will be important to make an impact on the professional front by doing something unique. Focus on what someone delivers, rather than get upset by his or her ways.

You may go in for a few luxury items make people see that you have arrived. Don't take anything assigned on the academic front lightly, as it can have serious repercussions at a later date.



Approach someone or something with a positive mind and you will not go wrong. If you neglect work now, it may come to haunt you at a later date, so try to complete it as quickly as you can.

Your competence and skill may make you indispensable to the organisation, so cash in on this strength. Making new friends is likely to make life more exciting.



Today, you may find yourself in the midst of hectic activity on the family front. Organising a function or an event is indicated. Making your mark at work is indicated, as you impress one and all by your professionalism.

You can expect to qualify in a tough competition or exam on the academic front. Remain at peace with yourself by thinking positive thoughts and being good.



Getting a start in an alien field is indicated for some and will prove most challenging. Your efforts to convince someone may not entirely succeed, if you don't call a spade, a spade.

Trying out a new idea may help in unravelling something that you did not know before. Help out someone on the academic front, as he or she needs it. Health remains satisfactory.



Taking pains for someone may not get the kind of acknowledgment that you expect, but don't make it an issue. It is a good time to firm in on the academic front to face greater challenges.

Good earning is indicated for those doing business from home. A much-anticipated outing with partner today will prove most pleasurable. Someone will be on his or her best behaviour to impress you.


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