Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Friday, January 5

Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Friday, January 5

Pisces: There is much excitement in store for you today



Social life simply rocks, so expect a couple of invitations! Receiving appreciation from superiors at work is likely to keep you in an upbeat mood. You are likely to add to your wealth, but expenses may mount.

Repaying a loan will not pose much difficulty. Following in someone’s footsteps on the health front, just to attain total fitness is a distinct possibility for some. Your love life needs rekindling, so get on the job right away!


There is much that needs to be done and you will be up to it. You may have to put in efforts to learn a new skill at work. Although you could have done better, you will still be satisfied with what you have achieved so far on the academic front.

Someone’s leg pulling may offend you, but take it in your stride. A workplace senior may not be as receptive to your ideas. Health remains satisfactory.  


It is in your interest not to create hurdles for others. A relaxing phase is foreseen on the professional or academic front. You will spend a good time with family in planning something exciting for the near future.

Those in love may plan to take their relationship to the next level. Past investments are likely to bring in good returns now. Your commitment to good health will start showing positive results. A fun trip is possible.


There is much that is happening in your life right now, so enjoy every moment of it! Retail therapy is likely to do you a whale of a good, so go ahead and satiate your urge to splurge! Adding to your wealth is a foregone conclusion. Excellent showing on the academic front is likely to boost your morale. If you are in love, expect a thrilling time in the company of lover. You may resume your workout regimen.


You may be driven to take some drastic action in a situation. Aim at overcoming your shortcomings, as they may be apparent today at work. Don’t take anyone’s word for granted on the academic front, judge things for yourself, as you can be misled.

There is a bright chance of joining a new social group and becoming socially active. A romantic relationship is likely to blossom. Financially, you may have to be careful of your expenditure.  


Keep a track of things that you have delegated to avoid last minute glitches. Most fulfilling time is foreseen today on the romantic front in the company of lover. A short journey may find you refreshed and rejuvenated.

You are likely to give a good account of yourself at work. Difficulties faced on the academic front will become a thing of the past. Money will not pose any difficulty. Health remains good, despite your laziness in shaking a leg!


You may have to do the balancing trick on the financial front. Certain things that are weighing heavy on your mind are likely to ease. At work, you will be able to maintain the tempo and complete most of your tasks.

Those in the service sector are likely to find the day satisfying. Much happiness is foreseen on the love front. It will be in your interest to consider someone’s point of view in a property matter.



Today is the day when you are likely to complete all your pending work. A family gathering is on the cards today. Getting attracted to someone from the opposite camp cannot be ruled out.

A smooth journey is indicated for those travelling. You will succeed in initiating something that needs to be done in and around the house. Your attempt to avoid a task is likely to have a fifty-fifty chance of success on the professional front.   


You get the opportunity to meet new people and get the pampering you deserve! Workplace pressure may compel you to adjust your schedule. Someone is out to woo you, so enjoy every moment of it!

You may face a slight cash crunch, but it will be a temporary phase. Avoid excesses, as they can prove detrimental to your health. Spending time with friends and relations is indicated. You will manage to maintain the tempo on the academic front.   


There is much that you need to do to project yourself in the right way on the professional front. Your stand is likely to be supported even by those not on your side.

Cracking a tough competition on the academic front seems possible. Issue of social acceptance can worry some, but there is no need to go too deep into it. You will be able to rekindle your love life and bring fun back into your life.


You may have to get involved in something important on the social front. Taking things in your hands regarding a family issue is the right step. Someone’s correct advice will prove beneficial on the financial front. Work sphere remains uneventful.

An urge to do something new may be stifled by sheer laziness. Some of you may be finalising your choices on the academic front. Clearing a job interview has fifty-fifty chance of success, so keep our fingers crossed!



There is much excitement in store for you today. Something favourable is likely to happen to you on the work front. A family outing that you have planned will help in strengthening togetherness.

You may crave nearness to the one you have a soft corner for on the romantic front. A long journey will be completed without any delays. Investing in property is indicated for some. A piece of good news can be expected on the academic front.


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