Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Friday, January 26th

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Aries:Find things shaping up much to your liking on the personal front.


Find things shaping up much to your liking on the personal front. It is in your interest to maintain cordial relations even with those you don't like.

If you are suffering from any medical condition, it will show signs of healing. Today, you may travel out of town to meet someone close. Homemakers may derive immense satisfaction from hobbies. Ups and downs on both professional and academic front are indicated.


Extra workload threatens to bog you down today at work. You may need to follow a different approach in negotiating a deal. If making money is on your mind, learn to take risks.

You may find daily workout a lot easier than handling daily health lectures from spouse! Set out early to reach your destination in time. A chance of a lifetime materialises on the romantic front, so look your best!


Your desire to give just deserts to someone you dislike may not materialise, so sort out the differences amicably, instead of making a scene. You may have to go legal to get what is rightfully yours.

Catering to the whims and fancies of higher ups at work may annoy you, but little you can do about it. Focussing on work appears difficult today, as you mind remains preoccupied with other thoughts.


Lead the way, as this is the only way to get things done your way. You may get to do today what you had been planning for long. Progress on the academic front will remain satisfactory.

Those in the political field will be able to mould those around to do their bidding. Financially, you will get to save a lot, as you make others foot the bill for you! 


Take a stand in support of someone who is being cornered. If you want things to move in a timely manner at work, delegate more. Your persistence is likely to pay on the fitness front.

A comfortable journey is foreseen for those undertaking long-distance travel. Going in for a piece of property cannot be ruled out for some. Some good news on the financial front is in the offing.


You may need to become a little more concerned regarding the comfort and well being of someone in your charge. Carrying out a task entrusted to you may not be as easy as it seems, so plan well.

You are likely to initiate some changes at home. Those in the service sector can face some annoying customers. It will be important to keep a tab of your expenses.


Someone’s presence around you may begin to irritate, so find a solution to the problem. Higher ups may expect something more from you at work.

It is okay to go ahead with your plans on the academic front. Home loan applied for by some is likely to get sanctioned. A household remedy may come in handy. Lover may resort to emotional blackmail, but don’t give in to it.


Going overseas at someone’s invitation is foreseen for some. A family youngster may bank upon you for support, so do what you can.

You can get into talks for partnership in a new venture with those established in the field. Something you are not familiar with may fox you on the academic front, but persistence will pay. Serious differences can rock your love boat, if you are not careful.


Keep your cool and remain unperturbed in adverse situations. You may harbour mixed feelings about someone close, so listen to your heart.

The day turns out favourable on the academic front, as you pursue your goal with single-minded devotion. Some of you may be on the verge of sealing a lucrative deal on the professional front. Romance may remain elusive, so don’t leave any stone unturned to find it!


Things begin to matter to you, as your current undertaking comes under scrutiny at work. But, you will come out unscathed.

Someone may colour your judgement against an employee, so don’t get taken in. You will get the opportunity to catch up on the academic front. Something entrusted to you will get completed most efficiently. Money comes to you from various sources. Health wise, you have no problems.


Don't get swayed by anyone’s instigation; fight your own battle the way you deem fit. You may have to be more assertive in expressing your feelings.

Worries regarding money may be laid to rest, as you reap rich dividends through past investments. You may plan to meet some old friends today. Getting something done on the home front cannot be ruled out. Unnecessary risks are best avoided on the health front.


Making time for someone you love will get immensely appreciated. Your demanding habits need to be curbed if you do not wish to hamper your mental peace.

An addition in the skillset will allow you to take a lead at the work place. Meditation will help you improve your focus on the academic front. A social event may find you in your element. You remain financially much more secure than before.