Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Friday, January 19th

Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Friday, January 19th

Leo: You may find the pressure of work mounting, but this should not deter you.


Things may not move as planned and irritate you. Professionally, you may have to face some difficult people today. There is a likelihood of erring while sealing a deal, so be careful.

Your helping hand on the social front may not be acknowledged. Missing out on a chance of participating in a big event is possible for some. Persuasion may be needed to make someone see your point of view. Lover may remain annoyed with you today.


You are likely to outshine others on the academic front. You manage to inch towards establishing yourself in your specific professional field. This may ultimately lead to people who matter eating right out of your hands!

Concentrating all your energies on earning big bucks is likely to show positive results soon. Sweating out for coming back in shape will be worth the effort, as you enjoy perfect health. A family youngster is likely to make you proud.


This is the time when you find things favouring you both on the personal and professional fronts. You are likely to form a lasting equation with someone important. Romantic relationship gets strengthened, as lover goes out of his or her way to be on your side.

Selling property for profit is very much on the cards for some and they can expect good returns. You will emerge a clear winner in office politics. Health doesn’t pose any problems.


You may need to remind someone to pay back a loan, so do so at the earliest. Time is ripe to plan a short vacation with near and dear ones.

Driving will be fun, especially if the journey is long. Common interest is likely to draw you closer to someone you take an instant liking to. This can well turn into a budding romance! Some of you may get a chance to go shopping for a festival.


You may find the pressure of work mounting, but this should not deter you. Those travelling by road or train may face problems and delay in reaching the destination is indicated. You can contemplate some changes on the work front.

Someone’s encouragement will keep you going on the academic front. You may not like certain things on the home front, but may feel reluctant to point them out to maintain domestic harmony. Health remains satisfactory by eating right.     


You will need to speed up work on the academic front to keep abreast of others. Professionals are likely to find the day most fulfilling. Businesspersons will manage to net some rich clients.

A project given up as lost may get a shot in the arm. This is a good time for organising a party or function at home. A family youngster is likely to make you proud. Partner will appear much more loving and caring than before.


You may remain away from home for some time as travel stars appear strong. Someone may compel you to do his or her bidding on the professional front, but it will turn out to be in your interest too! If you have to negotiate for a better deal, go right ahead and do so.

A favourable day is foreseen for those playing the stocks. Remember, good budgeting will save you money. Don’t get unduly worried your health.


You will need to watch your step, as someone is out to get even. This is a fantastic time for you on the professional and academic fronts. You are likely to excel in whatever you are involved in. Tranquility prevails on the home front and will allow you to let your hair down.

Your friends’ circle will add to your enjoyment as you undertake some exciting plans. Moneywise, you will have enough to splurge. Health remains satisfactory.   


You may crave attention from those around you, but may not succeed due to your own egoistic streak. Despite your involvement in mind-boggling multifarious activities, you will find time for all and complete them methodically. You hate being dictated to and generally take your own decisions, even if they are wrong.

Inculcate the habit of at least listening to good advice. Not having a way with words can become a big disadvantage for some, especially in a competitive environment.


You will need to curb your temper today, as you may offend someone. Some of you can find it difficult to cope up with the quantum of work. Time management will be the need of the hour for some to boost efficiency. You may need to tighten the reins on the financial front.

Outstanding payments that were expected to be received are likely to get delayed. Domestic atmosphere is likely to get vitiated by a fight or an argument.


Taking the help of those who have been there and done that will save you much time and effort. Your approach to the problem at work and your meticulous handling of it will help convince superiors about your competence and skills. Your sole desire to earn will bring you into lot of money.

Good investments are likely to come your way. Family will be most supportive and will take care of your every need. Health remains satisfactory.


You will need to wait in the wings for getting detailed for something prestigious. Sadly, your charm may just not work on someone you feel attracted to! Be a bit more understanding in a relationship, if you want it to remain turbulence-free.

Don’t undertake a journey by road if you are not feeling up to it. It pays to be attentive in class as you manage to make the grade on the academic front. Health remains satisfactory.


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