Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Friday, January 12th

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Pisces: Professional endeavours seem favourable today.




A positive feedback from people you are serving will add to your professional reputation. You may hear from a distant relative who would want to invite you for a family function. Those planning to purchase a property can get a deal they just can’t refuse.

Good performance on the academic front looks real for some. You are likely to bowl over partner by keeping your word on the romantic front. A new venture will start posting profits.  



Luck that had been eluding you in the past begins to favour you now. You come out on top in a competitive environment at work. You will start feeling at ease now as your worries start to shed off. Property front brightens up as you get the desired price for an ancestral property.

You are likely to strengthen romantic front by spending more time with lover. Receiving an expensive gift is indicated for some. You will manage to keep fit by remaining active.  



You will need to persuade someone, if you want your work to get completed. Those on the lookout for a suitable property will find one fitting their pocket. Your thoroughness at work will not let you get caught on the wrong foot on the professional front.

Those playing the stocks will find the day favourable. Good earning is indicated for retailers and those in export business. You will succeed in taking things in your hand on the social front.


Things may become a bit hectic on the work front, but you will be able to take it well. You will be able to resurrect your love life, which was going downhill of late. Travelling will be fun and afford you a chance to meet your near and dear ones.

Property matters are your priority now and they will turn out favourable. Someone can hurt you by his or her insensitive comments on the social front.


A favourable day is foreseen on the financial front as you are able to fetch good money. Employ your time constructively at work to complete backlog. Something you were excitedly anticipating on the academic front may prove disappointing, but don’t get dishearten.

A headache, cough, cold and the like may bother some of you. Someone’s unusual interest in you will excite you to no end!


You will need to look at a problem from other people’s perspective to get a clear picture. It will be better to switch off from too much work load and enjoy a sightseeing tour. You may employ a care taker of the property entrusted to you. Job front requires stability now; avoid juggling too many jobs.

A delay in reporting may make you answerable to a senior at work. Bad mood may spoil the domestic environment.



A situation may develop at work that may demand all your patience. You will be quite enthusiastic to take up new work in office. Students appearing for competitive exams are likely to fare well. Make sure you read the offer documents carefully before investing in any financial schemes.

Some of you may smile on seeing a bonus or an increment letter. An out of town official trip may make you skip a family event.


This is the best time to get what you had been wishing for so long. You are at a juncture in your life when things will begin to turn positive on all fronts. Avoid reacting, rather become a bit more proactive if you wish to recover the lost ground on the work front.

Family appears to be more understanding of your wants and desires. Someone’s kind gesture is likely to touch your heart.


An enjoyable time is foreseen in the company of your loved ones. Travelling in the company of those you like will add to the fun of the journey. Those new to the job are likely to start the process of establishing themselves in their new environment.

Something new is likely to be bought for the house. Financial stability is yours for the asking, as money flows in. House owners can expect to get a suitable tenant.



You will find yourself being guided in a complex situation by a well-wisher. This is the day when you will be able to take things easy on the professional front. Good performance on the academic front will help enhance your reputation at work.

Joy and happiness pervades the home front and will keep you in an upbeat mood. A blissful existence is foreseen for the newlyweds. Journey undertaken today will be smooth, safe and comfortable.



You can expect a second chance in something that you were unsuccessful in the first time on the academic front. Postpone the idea of complaining something against an office colleague.

Patience is the key to sail through the testing times. Remain tight-fisted to ward off the cash crunch. Clear the misunderstandings in a relationship with your way of polite words. Meeting old friends or colleagues will refresh you.



Professional endeavours seem favourable today. Support of an outsider in bringing you to your objective will be needed. This is the right time to approach someone influential for a favour. You may have to hone your skills on the academic front to beat the competition.

An encounter with someone close can leave you with mixed feelings. Your thoroughness in your workout regime will prove helpful in maintaining fitness.