Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Friday, December 22

Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Friday, December 22

See what the day has in store for you!



Something that you are claiming may be contested by the opposing party. Guard against impulsiveness, especially in taking action. It is in your interest to take immediate feedback regarding work you have commissioned.

Help will be at hand on the domestic front, when you need it the most. Try and discover the benefits of meditation and yoga, if will prove to be of immense help.



Safeguard your health by avoiding excesses of any kind. An enjoyable trip is on the cards, as you get to mix business with leisure. Money will not be a problem, as your earnings get a boost.

Expect an unmistakable change in issues that were negative up till now. Backlog may need to be cleared, if you want to avoid piled up work. An interesting academic pursuit provides much joy.



You have the ability to attract people and this will keep you ever popular in any set up. Today, you may get a chance to meet all your near and dear ones.

Extending a vacation for a few days is possible for those holidaying. Your present job may keep you engrossed, as you endeavour to give your best. Window shopping or lolling around aimlessly is indicated.



You may remain moody and irritable today, because you expect too much from someone close. The mounting workload in office may set your internal alarm ringing, but you will manage to tackle it by being systematic.

Efforts on the academic front are likely to get encouraging results. Financial gains are foreseen. Choose health food over junk food. Avoid at all costs any differences cropping up with lover.



Leaving a project halfway seems real at this point of time, so salvage the situation to the extent you can. Withholding personal information may save you from someone’s malicious attempt of taking advantage of you.

Time to consolidate your financial position by both saving and wise investments is here, so be caught napping. Keep up the tempo of preparations for competitions on the academic front.



Participating in a social event is foretold for some. You may decide to shift to a bigger place and may be planning for the same. Don't take anyone’s opinion on an investment, unless you trust him or her completely.

A feeling of uncertainty cannot be rule out at work regarding completion of a project or assignment. A short vacation will prove the best antidote for your tired mind.



Curtailing wasteful expenditure is important at this juncture, as a temporary cash crunch cannot be ruled out. You may find yourself neck deep at work in office today.

Depressing thoughts and negative feelings may spoil the day for the lonely hearts. Going down the memory lane with an old relative will prove immensely fulfilling. Don’t neglect to adequately warm up, before sweating it out.



You may find things not going your way on the academic front, but there is nothing to despair as there are many other opportunities waiting for you.

Take a fresh look at a workplace problem and you are certain to find the solution. Writers and editors can get burdened with additional work today. A comfortable travel is foreseen for those embarking on a long journey.



A budding friendship may soon turn into a romantic one, so keep your fingers crossed! Finding time to do an important personal work may prove difficult today. Don’t make partner the butt of your frustrations, as it may undermine a loving relationship. Those in the manufacturing field will need to focus on quality. Give your best on the academic front. Social grapevine may be abuzz with some exciting gossip!



It is important to get your hands on something that can ease things on the academic front. You will need to see a situation in a new light to come to an amicable solution.

Academics will need to take priority over other things at this juncture. You maintain consistency on the professional front and work towards your career progression. Those into real estate may strike it rich.



Your popularity is likely to get around and win you many admirers. Get things organised in a way you want to without letting anyone dictate you, but be open to suggestions.

Weight watchers will need to keep a tight control on what they consume today. A hectic schedule may make it difficult to find time for family, so make up for it later. You are set to acquire property.



Landing a lucrative deal is on the cards for some business persons. A new responsibility that comes your way provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your talents.

You manage your wealth well to make your life more luxurious. Appearing for an important exam or interview requires adequate preparation, so get down to it. Image consciousness may compel you to take interest in your figure and physique.

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