Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: February 14th, Wednesday

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Aquarius: You may struggle a bit on the academic front


Your own efforts will help in de-stressing and attaining mental equanimity. Business persons may need to think out of the box for promoting new products. A social function or event is in the offing and will be great fun. The family front is likely to become a lively place soon.

You may choose to take a break from work, just to pursue a passion. Strain felt on the budget is likely to ease, as you go on a cost-cutting mission.


Curb your tendency of taking the partner for granted to avoid an unpleasant situation at home. Some of you may plan on buying a vehicle or an appliance. It will be important to be sensitive to the feelings of the one you love. An event may need to be planned out in detail.

You enter the most favourable period as far as finances are concerned. Seizing new opportunities on the business front may get you started in a big way.


Someone may try to provoke you on the social front, so don’t fall for it. An investment may not give the kind of returns you had anticipated. You may get a chance to spend some time with the one you secretly love. An exercise regime may be adopted by some to get back in shape.

Difficulties encountered in a competitive situation on the academic front are likely to be overcome. Those seeking monetary help may meet with partial success.


Putting in extra hours at work is possible, but you will be able to complete the job. Attending an event with lover in tow will prove most enjoyable. A long drive will help some unwind and relax. You will feel on the top of the world today as far as health is concerned.  

Marketing personnel may be given a challenging, but exciting assignment. Attempts to improve your financial status do not seem easy, but try you must.


Remain alert while transacting money, as loss is foreseen. Getting ticked off by a parent or family elder may upset you. You may find lover at his or her complaining best. Plans for an overseas journey may have to be shelved due to circumstances beyond your control. You may not be able to achieve much at work today, due to outside interruptions. Shunning hard work on the academic front may prevent you from rising above mediocrity.


You may not be able to reap the promised benefits of an investment, due to meagre returns. Depressing thoughts regarding someone may invade your mind and keep you mentally preoccupied. Be careful on the fitness front, as chances of overstraining cannot be ruled out.  

A competitive situation on the professional front may unsettle you initially, but you will manage a good showing. Those new on the job will have to strive hard to show their worth.


Budget is likely to get upset by indiscriminate splurging on entertainment and things not exactly required. There is a possibility of some government employees facing enquiry or being taken into task. Spouse or lover may give you the silent treatment over some issue.

Don’t take any chances with your health today. Those new on the job may find some opposition from others. Tensions may prevail on the domestic front over an issue concerning a family member.


It is celebration time for those hoping for a prized posting or appointment. Sharing intimate moments with partner is possible and will prove immensely fulfilling. You may smell a rat in a get-rich-quick scheme and not fall for it.

You will be brimming with confidence and will manage to give a good account of yourself in whatever you undertake. Good negotiating skills are likely to bring a lucrative deal within your grasp on the professional front.


Things progress excellently at the workplace. Someone who is not in your good books may extend a hand of friendship, so accept the same unconditionally. Help people out as much as you can as monetarily you face no problems. Learn to remain happy.  

Health worries become a thing of the past, as you start feeling fit and energetic once again. Remaining a part of the cocktail circuit will make you rub shoulders with the who’s who of society.


Good investment choices are likely to come your way and help multiply your money. Taking up a physical routine to come back in shape is possible for some and will prove most beneficial. Your sympathetic ear to someone who is upset will act as balm to his or her soul.

Your performance will be commendable in whatever you do on the professional front today. Someone’s positive influence is likely to be of great help in raising your grades.


You may struggle a bit on the academic front, as you lose your focus. Remaining on the right side of those who are important on the social front will be in your interest. Expect an exciting time in a family function or a get-together. Those trying to achieve something personal may get lucky.

You will manage to take some positive steps to enhance your wealth. Hard work may not get you what working smart may give you, so become wiser.


Financially the day will prove satisfactory, as adequate earnings are indicated. Lack of confidence may prevent some from giving their best on the academic front. Some of you may have to cater to the whims and fancies of a family elder.

Your heart may not be in work today at office, as you may have too many interesting things on your mind. A worry over some issue may keep you ill at ease, but not for long.