Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Friday, November 10th

See what the day has in store for you!


Review carefully before insisting on something as it might not be taken in the right spirit. Dedicate time on the academic front to improve your performance.

Those travelling must make all the preparations before starting off. Speculation may not bring in the kind of returns you have been expecting. Fitness classes may not be of much use if you don’t focus on diet.



A little arm-twisting is needed to settle a matter. Being nice alone won't help. Take advice from knowledgeable people before trying anything new on the academic front.

A family youngster may need chastising for him or her to turn over a new leaf. Delegate your work to lighten your burden at work. You will manage to make things exciting on the family front.  



Your good gesture would win you all the praise. Good advice is your strength and you will get ample opportunities to deliver it!

Focussing on your positive strengths would help you achieve the unachievable. A good initiative on the academic front will enhance your reputation amongst family and friends. Seek help from colleagues on the professional front.



Establishing a rapport with everyone will increase your popularity. Something that is not within your control may get you all worked up but exercise restraint.

Someone in the family may need to be dealt with diplomatically. A promotion is in the pipeline for some. Real estate agents can hope for a handsome commission in a property transaction.



Making things simpler on the professional front may save you a lot of hassles. If you are in two minds regarding a decision, go with your heart.

Those living singly need to be careful about their security. On the academic front, your ability to impress is likely to benefit you immensely. Consider precisely before displaying a costly blessing to somebody, as the normal returns may not be prospective.



Creating the right image in the minds of important people is important; back it up with actions. Today, expect interruptions at work throughout the day. Money expected may get delayed. A pending project may require your personal attention to be put back on the tracks.

Good earning opportunities will help some in becoming financially secure. Weight watchers will infer full advantages by managing their eating regimen and exercise administration.



Many things need your attention at work, so get rid of your laid-back attitude. You might Get introduced to a charming member of the opposite gender cannot be ruled out today. Look your best! Your sympathetic touch will help solve much of the problems of a family elder. Good negotiation skill is your strength, so make the best use of it.


Retaining the initiative on the professional front is important. Your fears about a property matter will be laid to rest. Take a break, as your social circuit may become hectic.

A child or a younger sibling may make you proud by his or her achievements. Things at work run smoothly enabling you to clear a lot of pending work. Good earning opportunities come your way.



Don’t press your luck at work, as it can prove expensive. Search for a bride or groom for the eligible may get into full swing. Business persons and the salaried will find the day most favourable.

You can expect full support from your close associates on the academic front. Those wishing to study abroad may need to delve deep into their pockets or go for loans.



If you are not satisfied with your job, there are plenty waiting in the wings; just don’t be impulsive. You may need a substantial amount of money to fulfill your dreams, so go stepwise.

A change you had been contemplating at work is likely to come into effect soon. Market offers a fifty-fifty chance to those playing the stocks. A new diet regime may not suit you.



At work, sending the right signals to those who matter is important. You will manage to successfully tackle a situation developing in your personal life.

Pay heed to good advice, as it may come in handy. Professional prospects brighten as you start applying yourself. Your efforts at on the academic front may amount to a waste of time, if you don’t sharpen your focus.



Your better judgement will prove an asset on the professional front. Doing things out of compulsion is not the right approach on the academic front. You may be in the process of putting a profit-making scheme into action.

A fascinating hobby or activity may catch your imagination. It is the right time to take positive steps towards improving your fitness.