Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Tuesday, November 14th

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See what the day has in store for you!



It is better to go with the crowd, rather than venturing on your own. Someone requires your support on the academic front, so remain available. Devoting extra time at work will be in your interest.

Don’t take things on the face value on the financial front, especially while considering investments. You may plan to join someone in another town or country. Health remains good.


Securing your rights in a property matter is important. Chances of organising a family get together just to meet your near and dear ones look bright today.

Those thinking of taking up a business franchise must weigh all the pros and cons carefully. Success is foreseen on the academic front. Seize any chance you get to showcase your talents. Love is in the air.



Maintain a stand on a wrong issue may pit you against others, so review your action. At work, you are very likely to get swayed by someone who is out to colour your mind against others.

Love and concern of partner will make you feel good from the inside. Things on the academic front will go according to plans. Save for a trip planned for the future.



Waiting patiently for something to happen is not enough; you will need to be proactive. A religious ceremony connected with wedding or some other event may get underway.

Appreciation for a job well done is likely to make you feel immensely proud. A wise investment done previously promises to get you good returns. Good news about a sick family member will come as a big relief.



You will need to get your act together on the professional front or look for greener pastures. On the academic front, an inner fear to perform well may make you jittery, but someone close to you will give you strength and direction.

It is best to put off a critical choice at act as stars don't appear to be ideal. Today, your partner may go all out to cater to your moods!


Something started well will give you thumping success. A problem facing you gets resolved, much to your satisfaction and relief. Monetarily, you remain on a solid wicket.

Your contribution on the professional front will be substantial and will be recognised. Your initiative on the academic front will get you to your goal. Glances exchanged with someone in a public transport today may set your heart aflutter!


Be careful of people spreading all kinds of lies about you. You will manage to excel in your field of expertise. Regular inflow of money from various sources promises a healthy bank balance.

Creative people may manage to profit, as their work sells like hotcakes. Good preparation will help you score over your competitors on the academic front. Today, lovers get the chance they seek!


Make surmounting the odds your life’s mission, as you are set to face some problems. It may not be the right time to raise questions about a workplace system, as things can go against you.

A perfect day is indicated for starting something new. Your power to convince others will get you a minor deal that may become profitable after some time. Quick recovery from an ailment is foreseen.



Someone is hell bent on putting you under pressure at work, but you are not likely to succumb. Things seem to be getting better on the academic front.

You are likely to make things work for you in your personal sphere. Financially, you will be well off with plenty to spare! Take steps to help the needy without making it obvious. Health remains satisfactory.



Coming to the rescue of someone in need seems your first priority at this juncture. On the academic front, trust your destiny to lead you correctly.

Don’t get perturbed by your professional rivals shooting down your ideas at work. Winning the affections of the one you secretly love may become the biggest achievement of the day! Remain your helpful self on the social front.



It is best to learn the ropes yourself, before dictating to others. You will need to be on your own, as far as your academic aspirations are concerned.

At work, don’t bite more than you can chew, as it can infringe on your personal time. Something started on the side may earn good profits. Expect some good loving care from partner today without wondering why!



Differences with partner can mar the day, if you are not careful. Devoting time on the academic front becomes important. Additional tasks at work may leave you fatigued, so take on whatever you can accomplish.

A most heartening situation develops on the romantic front for those in love. A new diet will begin to show positive results in your quest for getting back in shape.