Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Thursday, November 30

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See what the day holds for you!



Your autocratic style may put you in trouble, so better mend your ways. A decision regarding career may need to be taken up now. Your ability to impress one and all is your big asset, so use it to your advantage.

Consider carefully before gifting something expensive to someone, as the expected returns may disappoint you. A new eating place may not match the hype.



Your competence and way of putting things across may bring you into reckoning for a coveted post in your organisation. Great procuring openings will help some in becoming financially stable. Cash expected may get postponed.

A pending undertaking may require your immediate attention. You will derive full benefits of your exercise regime. A heart-to-heart talk with lover is possible today.



Putting all your energy in a project may poop you out, so prioritise your work. Today, be sure of the exact location of someplace new, as you can be put to a lot of trouble finding it.

A family member studying out of town or abroad may become a source of worry. You shine on the academic front, as your talents get recognised. You remain financially secure.



Reaching out to someone who is adamant on doing his or her own thing seems futile, so take your call. Your fears over property are justified, so do what you need to do in your best interests.

A hectic phase is foreseen for some, taking a break will be immensely helpful. A child or a younger sibling may make you proud by his or her accomplishments. Today, things run easily at work.



It is better to find the middle path in an ongoing dispute, as it can continue endlessly. Search for a groom or bride for the eligible may get underway soon.

Business people and the salaried will discover the day generally good. You can expect full help from your nearby partners in another venture. Those wishing to study abroad will manage to meet all the financial obligations.



Don't expect miracles in the absence of effort from your side, either on the academic or professional front. You may require a generous measure of cash to satisfy your fantasies, so go stepwise.

A change you had been mulling over at work is probably going to become effective soon. Market offers a fifty-fifty opportunity to those playing the stocks. A new diet regime may not suit you.



You may get overly concerned about someone who is making a fresh attempt on the academic front. If you can tackle a situation on your own, it is best not to take anybody’s obligation. Pay attention to good advice, as it may come in handy. Job prospects brighten as you start applying yourself in a right way. Pending dues may become an issue, so handle it in the best possible way.




An opportunity you had been waiting for may present itself soon. This is the ideal time to unite your monetary position by both saving and wise investments. Those associated with a business related project may find the going outstandingly smooth.

Some of you are likely to enjoy total peace of mind as far as domestic or romantic front is concerned. The one you are interested in may start showing interest in you, so rejoice!



Create the right ambience for studies to fare well on the academic front. Don't remain a dreamer, as the reality starkly faces you right in the eye on the job front.

Be frank about your expectations from a relationship that you are about to enter. Your unique style of handling work-related matters may add to your efficiency at work. Implement measures at home for saving money.



Getting to know somebody well may not necessarily turn into a relationship, so don't rush into anything. You get enough time to give your response to something important, so don’t get hasty.

Good news on the home front is likely to make homemakers happy. Speculators and those involved in the share market may find the day promising. A gift from someone close cannot be ruled out.



Tending to your responsibilities is important at this juncture, as any loose ends may show you in a bad light. You are likely to get happily involved in a new development at work. An ideal period is foreseen for professionals and business persons.

Your undertakings on the academic front are likely to get awarded. Mutual efforts will be required to build up a strong relationship. A journey is indicated for some.



Doubts that you harbour against someone’s competence at work may be ill-founded; test him or her personally. Beating about the bush over a matter may give wrong impression, so take the bull by the horns.

Difficulty in repaying a loan is possible, but this problem is set to be resolved. A family function or celebration is on the cards and will provide an opportunity to renew old relationships.