Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Thursday, December 14

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Leo: Don't utter words that you may have to eat later


You may have to accommodate an outsider in your work sphere. It is important to bide your time on the academic front for a clearer picture, before you make your move.

Don’t waste your time giving unwanted advice to someone who is bent upon doing his or her own thing. Those playing the stocks may find the going tough. Organising a function or event is indicated.


Send feelers to those influential, if you want your job to be done without any hassles. Aim with which you had undergone a short course or training will be achieved.

You may remain mentally tensed over a domestic issue. Giving in to someone’s demands may hurt your ego, but little you can do about it. Don’t be too trusting of someone handling your money.


You are likely to play along with someone you dislike, just to meet your selfish ends. Meeting your own after a long time is indicated.

Make someone see your point of view on the academic front, even if it requires you to be a bit firm. Buying an expensive gadget or item is on the cards. Your helpful nature will bring out the best in someone close.


You are likely to become a victim of your own doing, so don’t blame others for it. At work, it is best to remain in neutral gear and let things be as they are.

You can be choosy with regard to a professional assignment and will take your call. Becoming health conscious will keep you fit. Young couples are likely to undertake an exciting journey soon.


Don't utter words that you may have to eat later; think and speak! Today, you may plan to call someone over for a meal to discuss an important matter. At work, not getting any increment or bonus may come as a disappointment.

Those suffering from allergy or skin problem need to be careful. Job seekers are likely to get a call from the organisation they desire to join.  



You may have your hands full in seeing a project to completion. Get the best out of your subordinates by giving them incentives; this way you will manage to complete the work faster. Students need to focus completely to excel in the competitive exams.

A satisfactory financial front may encourage you to think out ways to multiply your assets. Romance takes a turn for the better.



Making the most of the opportunity afforded to you on the academic front is important. Promising opportunities open up for those wanting to switch jobs. Money may come to you from a most unexpected quarter.

Your loving bonds are likely to get strengthened, as you get to spend time with partner. Eating out with family is indicated and will be lots of fun. Strive harder on the academic front.


Your consistency and hard work is set to take you places on the professional front. Unforeseen hurdles may upset your time plan, but you will manage to make up. Some wise investments may be required to make you financially secure.

Family may find it difficult to support your ideas, even though they seem realistic enough. An ailing family member may take some more time to recover.



Think before you speak or you are certain to offend people. Taking a stand on issues that you deem wrong is good, but don’t lose tact in broaching them to those responsible.

Those planning to acquire a new house or shop may have to wait some more. A school or college excursion will prove most enjoyable. Find the willpower to go in for regular workouts.


Hold firm on your commitment, even if it means going out of your way for someone. You are likely to get nearer to your goal on the academic front. Retailers are likely to get a good response to something introduced by them.

Your romantic aspirations are likely to see the light of the day soon, so rejoice! Those in important positions must deliberate well on important decisions.


Slow progress at work may frustrate you, but better times lie ahead so march on! Someone may be keeping a check on your expenditure, but don’t let this deter you from spending on luxury.

Lack of confidence may pose problems for those appearing for an important exam. Parents or a family elder may try to curb your liberty, so be at your tactful best!



Someone is likely to show you the way on the academic front and save you much trouble. Art and drama may have a special attraction for you to spend your time in today.

Your partner may put you under much pressure to do his or her bidding. Paying back a loan may become a problem, so buy some more time. You may have to deal with petty gossip about you.