Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Saturday, December 30

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Aquarius: A conscious effort on your part will help boost earningS.


A helping hand can be expected from those financially well off. Give professional advice to someone, only if you are sure of things yourself. A new project can be delayed, if you are not proactive.

You can be instrumental in the success of a family youngster. A family elder may delight you by paying a surprise visit. You can be ticked off by lover for your blunt manners.



A family youngster may need chastising for him or her to turn a new leaf. Those feeling overworked will need to delegate some of their work. You will need to make things exciting on the family front by undertaking a short journey.

Those secretly in love will find the support they need. Beginning an exercise routine is likely to prove a boon in getting you back in shape.  


Your performance is likely to be noticed by higher ups. There is a fifty-fifty chance of gaining some money today. It will be exciting to meet an old friend, but you will soon realise that things are not the same as before.

A renovation or readjustment on the home front is likely to keep you in an irritable state. A tiff with lover cannot be ruled out.


Those in uniformed services may need to put in their best today. Love and concern of spouse will make you feel good from the inside. Things at work will go according to plans as pending tasks get completed.

You succeed in saving for an event planned for the future. Love is in the air for some today. Don’t take any half-measures where health is concerned. Long journey is not advised.


Paying off your creditors will become easy, as you increase your earning. Some domestic issues causing turbulence at home will be resolved amicably. The day seems ideal for a long journey, especially with family.

A surprise awaits some on the romantic front. Students will be satisfied by their level of preparation. You may need to lift the spirits of the one you love. Energy drinks and health foods will prove beneficial.  


Don’t invest your hard earned money on sheer guess work. You can face difficulties in raising capital for a project. Use your gut feeling to make decisions at workplace.

With good networking, a prized posting can be yours. You will need to generate enthusiasm in the members at home before taking a new initiative. There is no age limit in taking up healthy activities.


Excess in either food or drink can cause problems, if not careful. You will be able to strike a good understanding with a friend of the opposite gender.

It is best to delay starting anything new, as difficulties are foreseen. You may undergo some anxiety in facing superior over an issue. Those playing the stocks may get it right the first time. Home front seems most inviting for rest and relaxation.


Lonely hearts are likely to misinterpret the signals from the opposite camp and let slip an opportunity of a lifetime! No help is likely to be forthcoming in completing an important assignment at work.

Teachers can come down heavily on non-performing students. Your upbeat mood is likely to prove infectious for other members on the domestic front. Excess energy will encourage you to take up physical activities or some sport.


Your involvement on the domestic front, despite the professional workload, will be much appreciated. This is an ideal opportunity to think about on your future game-plan. Your ambitious trait is likely to thwart all attempts of professional rivals to unseat you.

You succeed in raising capital for your dream project. Love beckons and will give immense joy and fulfilment. Desire for an image makeover may find some joining health spas.


Meeting an exciting person is on the cards. Clarity of vision and steadfastness are probably going to convey you nearer to your professional goals.

Do not invest in a scheme just because it looks lucrative. A minor ailment can become a thing of the past for some. You find lover in the best of moods today, so don’t let the opportunity slip!


A conscious effort on your part will help boost earning. Your light and relaxed attitude towards life will help you cope with everyday tensions. Family life will give immense fulfilment as you spend time together.

You will need to curb your lack of persistence at work and sharpen your focus to succeed. Some cracks on the romantic front are becoming apparent and need immediate steps for saving the relationship.  


Some more preparation may be needed before showcasing the talents of a youngster. You will need to devote extra time on a project in order to meet the deadline.

A mistake at work can cost you dearly, if not careful. Those not on talking terms with spouse will need to take the initiative in mending fences. There is a fifty-fifty chance of lover reciprocating your lovey-dovey feeling.