Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Tuesday, February 27th

Leo: Losing money in speculation is foretold.


Good networking is likely to get you the appointment you had been hoping for long. Your high spirits may prove contagious and bring cheer to all. A long-term relationship is likely to get strengthened through mutual effort. You may find yourself more fit and energetic, than before.

You will be able to invest wisely and reap rich benefits on the financial front. A long journey will prove enjoyable in more ways than one, as you find love!


It will really serve no purpose being over critical of someone or something. Working as a team on the academic front is important. Think twice before investing in anything big. Some of you will need a helping hand at work, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Lover may seem a bit distant and may need space. Professional front is likely to remain satisfactory. Your current domestic situation may frustrate you, but things are not as bad as they seem.


Helping out someone on the professional front will be in your interest. A hobby may fascinate you, but you will be too lazy to take it up. Keep up your attempts to mend fences with someone close in a property dispute. Love life will be satisfactory, especially for the newlyweds.

Your attempts to hog the limelight on the social front may be partially successful. You will need to choose the investment schemes wisely to ensure profitable returns.


An academic assignment may need outside help. Those seeking love may not be looking at the right places! You may not be able to follow a tough workout regimen, so modify it to suit your strength and stamina. Those in business may face a hectic time today.

You may let your hair down with friends just to have a bit of fun. Some of you may be in a desperate need of a break, so apply for leave.


Losing money in speculation is foretold, so desist from it. Your creativity may not appeal to a client and may compel you to get back to the drawing board. It will not be easy to put lover at ease over an issue.

Your hopes for a promotion or perk may be dashed, as a professional rival takes your place. Refusing a job opportunity by those seeking one, may get them back in the employment exchange line.


You will be able to multiply your earnings by taking up all kinds of jobs. A romantic set-up is likely, as a partner is all out to woo you on the love front today!

Those contemplating a long journey are in for a great time. Your efficiency and never-say-die attitude will keep you firmly in control on the professional front. A pat on the back for excellent performance is in the pipeline for some on the academic front.


The financial front seems all set to stabilise, as money starts trickling in. Young couples may plan an exciting out of station trip. A domestic situation will be sorted out amicably through your initiative.

The one you secretly love is likely to reciprocate. Health will remain excellent. You are likely to improve your performance in the sporting arena. Holding an olive branch to the one you don’t particularly like is certain to cement the relationship once again.


You will not mind the extra burden and extended work hours, as you go all out to impress those who matter. Spouse or parents will be particularly supportive of all your endeavours. An old ailment troubling some is likely to disappear. Spending quality time with the one you love is indicated.

You will find things moving favourably on the professional front. Good performance on the academic front is likely to make you eligible for something important.


Your financial well being is assured. Innovative ideas in organising an event on the social front will be highly appreciated. Fortunes are set to rise for those in trade and business. Love grows, as you feel drawn closer to partner. The condition of someone ailing is set to improve.  

Some award or recognition is in store for those in the fields of science and medicine. A good break can be expected by some on the academic front.


Financial stability is assured, as you go on a saving spree. Stars appear strong on the romantic front, so turn on your charm! Adopting a wait-and-watch policy is advised for those considering a job switch. A delicate family situation will need to be handled with compassion.

This is the time to consolidate your gains at work. Certain measures taken pertaining to health will prove beneficial. An excursion or an outing with friends and family cannot be ruled out.


Leave may be refused to those planning a vacation at this juncture. You can be at your wits end in dissuading someone from doing something not to your liking. Steer clear of arguments on the home front.

Chances of catching the eye of the one you admire look bright, so make your presence felt. Someone is likely to overcharge you for his or her services. Sticking to the budget will be important for those shopping for the festival.


A strenuous work out is best avoided for those not ready for it. Buying new furniture or a major appliance may upset your budget with the current costs. Those running their manufacturing units may need to upgrade their technologies to muster the quality quotient.

Academically, students may need to burn the midnight oil. A fine day is foreseen for those trying to make some money on the side. Attending a family do will prove most rejuvenating, but tiring.