Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Friday, December 29

Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Friday, December 29


You are likely to celebrate a beginning of something that is immensely important to you. Things begin to look bright on the professional front. Getting praised at workplace will give you a solid morale boost. Good preparation is needed for success on the academic front.

You may find the atmosphere on the home front most welcoming. Lover may stick to his or her word and make your day.


Don’t take anything up today that is unimportant at work, as something urgent comes up. Forging lasting relationship is important, especially if it is in your favour. At work, remain considerate and treat subordinates with compassion.

Academic assignment may keep you busy and may even make you burn the midnight oil. Bitterness caused over a domestic issue may keep you in an agitated state of mind.


It is in your interest that you follow people whom you trust. At work, you are likely to team up with someone and reach your target. Overspending may come under the scanner of parents and get you into a tight spot.

Mood swings of someone in the family shows all signs of spoiling the domestic atmosphere, so do something about it beforehand. Secret lovers must guard against nosy parkers.



Today, it is important to delegate work to others and get your hands free to take up something essential. A chance you had been waiting for on the academic front may materialise now.

Good financial situation is likely to open your heart for helping others. You are growing wiser with age, the good news is that you will see the folly of your ways and try to correct them.



Better prospects on the professional front are likely to materialise soon, but you will need to grasp them quickly. Your style of working may come in for praise and get you noticed by higher-ups.

Those worried about finances will find the money flowing in soon. A string of visitors at home may prove disturbing and may interrupt your daily routine. Precaution is advised in lifestyle diseases.



Today, reminiscing the days gone by will both elate and sadden, but it is best not to clutch at the straws and look ahead in life. Getting selected for a prestigious assignment or event is indicated on the academic front, but it may not be a cakewalk.

Your romantic endeavours are likely to be resisted by someone you desire. An out of town relative arrives bearing good news.



Haste makes waste, so be deliberate in whatever you take up today. Good networking will give your request a better chance of being viewed sympathetically. Any ill will harboured against those you don’t like is likely to disappear, as they extend the olive branch.

You are likely to exceed your own expectations on the academic front. A love at first sight situation may herald a budding romance!



Workplace frustrations can adversely affect your output. Spending time with your near and dear ones will help you to unwind, so take a break from your work schedule.

Avoid impulsiveness in money matters to avoid losses. A family friend will help you out of a tight corner on the personal front. Those adopting yoga or an exercise regime are likely to come back in shape.



This is the phase when everything goes right for you. Don’t rely too much on your gut feeling, especially in matters financial. Those undertaking a long journey may not find the going smooth.

A kind of uncertainty on the academic front may keep you ill at ease. Those exploring the markets abroad will need to find the right contacts to succeed. Those ailing will get back on their feet.


You may find no one to help you out in your hour of need, so choose your friends associates carefully. Domestic tussles and professional workload may go hand in hand, but you will handle both admirably!

A minor ailment may aggravate if you continue to neglect it. You may take up an academic pursuit that interests you. Financially, you remain in the pink of health.


You may fail to press home your advantage and regret, but don’t get disheartened as the chance may materialise again. On the academic front, keep the right attitude to sail through a difficult phase.

Efforts to increase your earning to repay a loan without default may need to be increased. Negativity on the domestic front threatens to get you depressed and irritable, so live up life.


You may need to get out of the grasp of someone who is indulging in emotional blackmail. On the academic front, you will do well to interact more with people who matter.

You remain on top on the professional front, as things move forward favourably. Promotional prospects and perks may come your way. Domestic scene may become worrisome, due to health issues of your partner or a family member.

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