Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Thursday, December 28

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Pisces: You will need to put your best foot forward to impress higher-ups at work.


It is better to be safe than sorry, if you know what is being hinted at. Dilly-dallying on a marriage proposal may make you miss the chance, so act now. Financial gains promise to bring you on a firm footing.

Things may not be hunky dory in relationship, so make efforts to salvage the situation. Praise at work is likely to prove a balm for your aching self-esteem.



It may become difficult to participate in something you always used to do, due to circumstances beyond your control. Don’t harbour any wrong impressions about someone with a different mindset; rather get to know him or her better.

An out of town journey is indicated and may give you a chance to enjoy unsullied beauty of nature. You will not disappoint those who have high expectations from you.


Those spiritually inclined are probably going to appreciate inward peace and tranquillity. A new hobby may keep you occupied and entertained. Keep a tab on rivals to avoid getting exploited.

Winning the affections of the one you secretly love promises to kick-start a whirlwind romance! Your helpful attitude will come in for praise from all directions. Those lagging behind on the fitness front need to ‘run’ and catch up!



See where you stand in the scheme of things, before you take the next step. You may get the right break, if you continue to pursue your current field.

A rebuff from someone close is possible, if you become too insistent. Repeated reminders are likely to get your money back from someone you had loaned it to. A new initiative on the health front will prove beneficial.



Try not to have any ego problems with people at work, as it will only fuel animosity and will serve no other purpose. Changes taking place in your persona may become evident to others, if you persist on your line of thinking.

Chartered accountants and lawyers may find the day promising. Things may move at snail’s pace where recovery of loan is concerned, so hasten the process.


Meeting professionals, negotiating deals is indicated today at work. Be around a senior and look busy to get noticed.

At times ambition gets the better of you, which may prove a bane rather than a boon, so guard against it. Money comes from unexpected sources to fund your indulgences. A competitive situation is likely to develop on the academic front and make you put on the war paint!



Smoke the peace pipe with someone who is bent upon working against your interests. Stop taking one step forward and two backwards in an issue, as it may not resolve it; be decisive enough to end the matter.

Someone close to you may seek your help in a tight situation, so help out if you can. A profitable venture is set to bring good returns.


Make things easier for yourself by being more trusting of your subordinates. Your professional reputation is likely to get a boost. Professionals looking for a job switch can expect to get a good break.

Luck favours you on the academic front, as you manage to improve your performance. Shopping will have its own charm today and you are certain to enjoy it to the hilt!



You are likely to better your prospects at work by being diligent and sincere. Your helpful gesture is likely to floor someone, who is actually not your well wisher.

Despite efforts, you may not manage to manage to get what you want on the academic front, but don’t lose heart. Those with the desire to make quick money can expect to have a field day today.


Be away from all controversies, if you want to win the support of the public. At work, you will need to handle the subordinates with more love and understanding, if you want them to maintain their peak performance and give their best.

Your monetary situation is set to improve. Health conscious will discover some new route to fitness. Drive away all the negativity from your mind to enjoy the day.



You are likely to leave others behind in achieving your professional goals. Your belief in the ultimate power will give you inner strength and confidence.

Leave nothing pending on the academic front, as a fresh assignment may come your way. Someone you have recently met may become a good friend. A minor ailment may require a good home remedy, so don’t take anything strong.



You will need to put your best foot forward to impress higher-ups at work. It is time to take up academics in the right earnest, since any delay may find you lagging behind.

The social scene seems most encouraging, as you go out of your way make friends and influence people. Much deliberation is required in property investment, so don’t be in any kind of hurry.