Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Tuesday, December 12th

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See what the day has in store for you!


While everything look fine to you, they are not how they seem. Find out the truth. You will make steady progress on the academic front.

Real estate folks might make it big, if they jump at the right opportunity. A social cause you are committed to needs to be taken up in the right earnest.


Ignoring your health might mean that you find yourself in bed. Make rest and rejuvenation your top priority now. A domestic issue needs immediate action, don't ignore it.

There is much to learn in life and that's how you will satisfy your curiosity. You may not find the right opportunity to take advantage of a situation building up on the business front.


Your partner's undivided love and care would engulf love life! At work, do not get worked up over petty issues.

Do not let past grudges against someone affect your emotions. Good investments may add to your wealth and make life more comfortable and luxurious.


Don't get taken in by someone who is promising you the moon, especially in real estate matters. Consider someone’s suggestion seriously, if you want to benefit from it. Someone may get after you for match making for someone eligible in the family.

Appreciation at work might make your day. Don’t let the past pose hurdles for you in a new relationship.


If you want to get the job you want, get proactive on the professional front. The day may be spent planning for someone who is visiting you after a long time.

A salary hike is possible for some. Your concentration and determination will turn out to be a benefit in handling a project or an exam on the academic front. Use home remedy for minor ailments.



Do not whine about professional matters, stay focussed and concentrate on what you're supposed to do. Participating in an event has fun interwoven in it, so go forth and enjoy!

You are set to score over your rivals on the academic front by your superlative performance. Pay arrears may materialise to brighten the financial front. Romantic life would be rosy.


Today, you might hurt someone with what you say, so think before you speak. You will manage to step up your pace at work and finish something before deadline.

Good budgeting will find you overcome a cash crunch without any worries. Today, expect a most enjoyable time in an outing with family and friends.



Getting even never serves any purpose, so get over your petty-mindedness and focus on more meaningful things. Spending time with someone special is indicated today and will prove most fulfilling, Money will not be a problem, as you continue to earn well.

At work, it is better to diffuse a controversy in the initial stages, before it gets you involved. Something misplaced is likely to be found.



Today, it is better to be on the listening watch, than to open your mouth and spoil things. At work, don’t bite more than you can chew or you may spoil your image of go-getter.

Something you are after on the academic front may need more time for preparation, so spare no efforts. Good budgeting will help in keeping the expenditure under control. Marital boat sails smoothly.


Saving for another day is the right attitude to maintain your financial health. Marriage prospects of someone eligible in the family are set to brighten.

Making the right noises in the company of those who matter will keep you on their right side. Confirm your reservation before departing for another city or town, if you want to avoid unnecessary hassles. Retain your competitive spirit on the academic front.


It is time you slowed down the pace of your life and stop reacting to people’s opinions. This way you will manage to restore your peace of mind.

At work, there is certainly no need to take on additional responsibilities, if you value your personal time. Focus is important on the academic front, especially if you are appearing for competitive exams. This is a good day for travelling.


Don't take anyone for granted, be it a subordinate at work or a family youngster and you will be better off. Teaming up with someone to showcase your talents and make some money on the side is a good idea, so go ahead with it.

Someone’s medical condition may aggravate and even warrant hospitalisation, so take preventive measures while you can. An expected increment may finally materialise.