Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Friday, December 8

Daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Friday, December 8

Leo: Don't dilly-dally on issues that need prompt attention.



At work, you may have to lead by example to meet your targets. Despite spending time together, you may not be able to fully share your feelings with partner, so overcome this reluctance.  

A healthy bank balance will give you added confidence. Family members may compel you for a change of scene to get a breath of fresh air. You manage to tackle a big project admirably.



Cementing relations once again with those who have fallen out with you is the need of the hour. Today, you can remain mentally disturbed due to an episode within the family.

On the academic front, show your keenness in handling an assignment or a project, even if you get hassled by it. Those thinking of taking up a franchise must weigh all the pros and cons carefully.



Facing the prospects of changes happening in your personal life may unsettle you, but it will be a temporary phase. At work, your ideas click and impress people who matter.

You may become a strong contender for a coveted post. Those seeking employment are likely to get a call soon. A product purchased recently will help make life easy. Spouse expects a sympathetic ear, so be all ears!



Something nearing completion may need an added push, so be prepared for it. Today, moodiness of partner may put paid to your romantic aspirations. It is good to show off, but not every point of time as it may go against you.

Your diligence at work will inspire higher ups and favour your career prospects. You may take up fitness regimen shape seriously. Things become difficult on the academic front.  



Don't dilly-dally on issues that need prompt attention, as it may cause problems. Someone is likely to take you into confidence just to seek your help, so do whatever you can.

Suitable match for the eligible may prove most elusive. A family youngster will appreciate you for your interest in his or her project. Test driving a newly acquired vehicle will be a lot of fun. A lifestyle change provides health benefits.


Don't play the blame game if you are in the wrong; it will reflect negatively on you. You may be entrusted with multiple responsibilities, but you will discharge them responsibly to the satisfaction of higher-ups.

Expect peaceful atmosphere at home today. At work, you will have your way and revive the projects that had been shelved for long. Take outside help on the academic front to perform better.



Maintain the right amount of pressure, if you want things to move your way. Good preparation may be the key to fare well on the academic front. Your personality may impress a lot many on the professional front.

You remain financially stable. Taking an initiative to remove differences in a relationship is called for. Gastronomic delights may not seem as ‘delightful’, if you overdo it, so exercise restraint!



Don't be in any kind of hurry to judge a person or a situation, as you may be way off the mark. At work, take steps to maintain your authority, as rivals may vie to wrest it from you.

Parents or relatives are probably going to inhale down your neck and may screen your activities intently. Those facing stumbling stones on the academic front will be able to steady themselves.



You are likely to gain confidence in your work sphere by taking up challenging tasks. Apply yourself, rather than get bogged down in frivolity.

Aches and pains are likely to trouble you, so don’t neglect health under any pretext. Despite efforts, progress on the academic front may remain tardy. Some more delay is foreseen for a bonus or increment to materialise.


There is no point in harping on old issues, as nothing is going to come out of it. Communications skills may matter a lot in your current professional circle, so polish them if necessary.

Today, someone close to you may help you out in a tight situation and save you a lot of hassle. An old friend may drop in to share fond memories of the past.


Moonlighting is a good option to increase your earnings, if you have the time. You are likely to enjoy a party or a function organised in your honour. Previous investments will keep your bank balance healthy.

A family business can show a downward trend and will need your attention. Take adequate precautions on the health front.



You are likely to do well on the career front and make circumstances favourable of moving up the corporate ladder. Don’t offend someone by your self-righteous ways on the professional front.

Those out on a vacation are probably going to have a memorable experience. Students may have their hands full, but will manage their time well for leisure. Time spent with partner today appears most fulfilling.

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