Your daily horoscope by Manisha Koushik: Thursday, February 1st

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An out of town invitation for a wedding is likely and can make some rush out shopping! Keep a close watch on the developments on the professional front, as they may have a direct bearing on you.

Your academic pursuits can take a romantic turn! Health remains satisfactory. Chances of finding a life partner cannot be ruled out for some. You need to set your priorities right, if you want to wind up a project at work in a timely manner.



Some of you may get lucky in love. Your reputation at work is likely to soar. A slanging match is likely with someone you totally despise. Better course will be to steer clear and not come into a confrontation.

Highhandedness of a workplace senior over an issue that means much to you can make you see red. Someone you have lent money to may dilly dally in returning the amount. Misreading the market can lead to losses, if you are not careful.


Time is ripe for projecting your request to superiors on the professional front. You may need to think through a plan minutely before implementing it at work. Some adjustments may be required on the home front.

Some efforts will be required for the career-conscious to maintain a positive impression on a senior. Although you have enough, but at this juncture you will need to be a bit conservative in money matters.


This is the best time for you on both the personal and professional fronts. Attraction towards someone at work cannot be ruled out, so get set for a budding romance! An exciting change is likely for some on the home front. Someone from abroad or out of town may come a calling.

Financial stability may make you attempt something risky, but no loss is foreseen. Those feeling under the cloud are likely to bounce back to good health.


If you are reluctant to say something to a senior at work, today is the day when you can hope to get a sympathetic ear. Someone will be there to help you in a tight situation. You may not take kindly to someone dominating you on the home front, but be soft in your approach.

Distractions and temptations need to be kept at bay to keep focus intact on the academic front. Someone may need your help, so don’t disappoint.


Concerted efforts will get better deals for furthering your career. You can develop feelings for someone you are commuting with you on daily basis. Changed tactics may give immediate results on the social front. You will manage to keep fit.

Moneywise you may not be completely out of the red. Exercise restraint in spending. Favourable results on the academic front are indicated. You get the opportunity to set your plan in motion on the professional front.


You may take time off from work to meet someone dear today. A profitable time is foreseen for those thinking of starting something new. A break from the routine to rejuvenate love life is indicated for some. Health will remain perfect.

Raising capital for your pet project may seem daunting at first sight, but may not pose much problem, if you press the right buttons! Networking will come in handy for those trying to revive old contacts.



You will need to be on your best behaviour, if you want to win an elder over. This is a bad day to hold any financial negotiations. Some of you can be forced to work in close consultation with a workplace rival.

Rude behaviour of someone on the home front can make you see red. Postpone them for some other day. A deal you thought you had clinched may show signs of slipping through your fingers.


You will be able to help somebody restore his or her health. Someone in the family may express the desire to take up a specific professional line. This is the best time to invest in property with the sole aim of selling it at a later date. This is not the best time to make changes on the work front, so deliberate some more. You will plan to undertake a journey out of town to look someone up.



Continuing your efforts rather than sitting on your laurels will be a step in the right direction on the professional front. Changes being initiated at work can affect you if you are not proactive. A transfer of payment that you are awaiting may take some more time to materialise. You will get the opportunity to do your own thing. Those worried about their health can lay their fears to rest as they will remain perfectly fit.


You will feel financially secure as you tap some new avenues of earning. A misunderstanding on the family front may need to be sorted out before it blows out of proportion. Your romantic endeavours are likely to bear fruit.

This is a great day for you on the academic front. You may enjoy a good rapport with a new senior at work. This is the time to put your best foot forward on the professional front.



Papers for taking over ancestral property will be in order and legally valid. A new boss can take a liking for you, maybe because of your looks or efficiency or both! A set routine at home will help students concentrate better in studies on the academic front.

You may be in for a pleasant surprise today. A fun-filled journey, with near and dear ones, is on the cards. Purchasing a new vehicle cannot be ruled out for some.