Daddy Tusshar Kapoor shares something really sweet about his baby boy!

Daddy Tusshar Kapoor shares something really sweet about his baby boy!

New single dad Tusshar Kapoor has taken his baby on his very first international trip, and he just revealed an interesting detail nobody knows about his tiny tot

When you are a new parent, your baby's every little action makes it to the top of your most cherished list. And if he happens to be a calm, non-fuzzy baby, then you're a lucky parent.

That's exactly what new dad Tusshar Kapoor feels when asked about his son Laksshya Kapoor. The doting single father recently took his son for his first international trip to Dubai for a short break.

And along with the father-son duo were bua Ekta Kapoor and daadi Shobha Kapoor, who were helping out with diaper duties. In fact, right before he flew out, Kapoor revealed some cute details about his growing son.

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Laksshya is a cool traveller

While most new parents would worry a little about flying with a tiny tot, Kapoor wasn't skeptical at all. That's because little Laksshya is not a fuzzy traveller.

"Not at all. He is totally chilled out and not fussy. Usually, children don’t take to air travel, but Laksshya was relaxed and didn’t throw any fit or cry,” reveals the doting dad who often shares videos and pictures of his little baby.

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He added that apparently his six-month-old son has taken well to travel and is usually always in a good and calm mood. "Laksshya’s in a great mood. We are staying in a villa and I haven’t taken him out yet, because we reached late night,” he said.

And as all doting parents, Kapoor will also be clicking a whole bunch of new pictures of his son during this short break. But there is another person who this dad expects will do a better job at it.

Continue reading to see who Tusshar Kapoor thinks takes his son's best pictures!

Ekta bua is the best photographer

Since the doting dad is usually busy with diaper duties and making sure Laksshya goes off to sleep on time, basically all the parenting ropes, he feels his sister does a better job and is more hands-on when it comes to clicking his baby's pictures.

"Yes, but Ekta is clicking more videos than me!” shares Kapoor who had his son via surrogacy and has been quite candid and open about his decision to opt for this method.

One of the reasons was that his biological clock was ticking and he really wanted to become a father.

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"In my mind the (biological) clock's ticking"

“By the time I reached my early mid-30’s, marriage hadn’t happened and I didn’t have a clue when it would happen so I had this idea in my mind that the clock is ticking so I need to have a child at least if I want to be a father,” he revealed on The Tara Sharma Show.

“You want to grow with your child and you want to be energetic for your child. So these thoughts would come to my mind and I didn’t have a clue how I would go about it without getting married,” he added while admitting that Laksshya is truly the greatest source of his happiness.

“I am thrilled to be a father! The paternal instincts in me have been overpowering my heart and mind for some time now. Therefore, I am thrilled beyond words to have Laksshya, now the greatest source of joy in my life,” he said in a statement at the time of his son's birth.

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Over the past few months, Tusshar has quite evidently proved that he is a doting father and one who was ready to take on the responsibility from quite early on. This also meant knowing a great deal about taking care of the baby and in this case, even travelling with one.

Travelling with a baby

If you also have a tiny tot with whom you are about to embark on a long journey, here a few pointers you can keep in mind.

  • Begin by helping the baby set a napping schedule so it's easier for him to doze off in case your journey is at night and long.
  • When you are flying, inform the airlines beforehand that you are doing so with a baby in tow. Most Indian airlines have the facility to help new parents travel safely with their tiny tots.
  • During the flight, the air pressure may cause hurt to your baby’s ear, so you can encourage him to either breastfeed on suckle on something. This will help ease the effect on his fragile ears.
  • If your baby is still very young and is breastfeeding, then you must keep a few sanitised bottles for extra feeds. If however, he is on formula, you can carry foods items and a hot thermos and extra bottled water.
  • In case your baby has started solids, make sure to bring along extra box of food for him, even if it is a short journey
  • Carry all the travel gear such as the pram, or baby carrier whenever you are travelling with a baby. This includes a diaper bag and a changing bag.
  • Carry extra pair of clothes in your baby bag as well. You can also keep them in plastic bags that you can carry if you do not have a changing bag.

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