Daddy cool Akshay Kumar admits “baby-sitting is tough”

Daddy cool Akshay Kumar admits “baby-sitting is tough”

The actor admits that baby-sitting his daughter is way tougher than promoting any movie.

He may have made us all go weak in the knees with his on and off screen charm, and wears the ‘getting better with age’ tag like it was made for him.

But in a recent interview to a leading daily, Akshay Kumar said that looking after a little girl is indeed a tough job.

Currently, in London on a shoot, the actor has his daughter for company, as mommy Twinkle Khanna is busy on her Europe tour. Asked on how he manages the days with Nitara and also handles his shoots, he said that the two have breakfast together, post which he takes his daughter to a nearby park where they feed some domesticated animals. After this, the daddy hands Nitara to a daily career and heads out to his shoot in London.

Once back home, it’s daddy daughter time till next day.

So, what’s more difficult for daddy cool Akshay? Promoting a movie or caring for his daughter? The actor admits that baby-sitting his daughter is way tougher than promoting any movie.

“Yes, my wife (Twinkle Khanna) is touring Europe, my son Aarav is in Oxford for a two-week study course so I’m babysitting my daughter Nitara besides shooting for a film (Reema Kagti’s sports drama Gold). And I have to con fess that minding a little girl is a tough job. My admiration for Mrs Funnybones has gone up several notches after realising the magnitude of the task. I don’t know how she writes, designs looks after our children and still manages to stay calm on most days,"

There's always a spring in my step when we are together :) #FatherDaughterTime

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While it is definitely sweet to see the super star turning into a cute hands-on daddy, we do have to admit that being the primary caregiver of a small child is one of the toughest jobs in the world, right moms?

In most cases, it is the mother who takes on the responsibility of looking after the children. However, more and more dads are also stepping in those shoes now, which is great.

If you are a new dad, or if you are a new mom and want to help your partner bond better with baby, here are a few tips that could help calm down those initial jitters.

For new dads

  • Before you jump in to hold the baby in excitement, steady your hands and keep faith in yourself. Your baby may be tiny, but keeping your arms placed tightly around your chest will help you hold the baby in the safest and most comfortable way.
  • Your baby’s crying can make you panic, but remember that baby is either crying for food, is sleepy, or has soiled the diaper. If mommy is around, ask if baby wants a feed. You can also help ease your wife by feeding the baby breastmilk through a bottle. Sit on the bed or a comfortable chair with your baby in your arms, speak softly and give the bottle. Very soon baby will start suckling.
  • The first few times when you start taking care of your baby or child, do so when he or she is not already very hungry or sleepy. These are times when children are most cranky and may only want their mother or primary caregiver.
  • If your child is a little older, understand what interests him or her. For the first few times, go by what your child wants to do, such as heading out to the park, playing indoors or outdoors, doing art and craft, or whatever your child is interested in. Very soon you both will be comfortable with each other and enjoy these moments.
  • For sleep time, reading a story or even inventing something right then and there can be fun. Speak in soft tones and gently pat your child on the head or back. Lie down close and remove all distractions such as phone, TV, lights and so on.

For moms

  • Even when the dads say they want to hold the baby or give them a shower, we feel the need to interrupt, or at least tell them how to do it. Unless it is getting really dangerous or can turn into a safety issue, let the daddy handle it on his own.
  • Help your partner by showing him how you hold the baby, then let him do it. Don’t start instructing him on how to do it, and definitely do not criticize him if he is not able to do it right the first few times. We too learn slowly and after doing it a few times, so relax a little.
  • If you are not at home and your child is with your partner, don’t keep calling every few minutes or hours to check if everything is fine. Place trust in your partner and let him handle things the way he best can. If required, he will call you.

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