Dad and toddler compete over Mother’s Day duties

Dad and toddler compete over Mother’s Day duties

Usually, when parents have young kids, it's up to Dad to handle Mother's Day duties. This Dad thinks the only way to make it fair is a contest. Watch

Typically, when parents have younger kids, it’s implied that Dad will be handling all of the duties of Mother’s Day. LaGuardia Cross, father and YouTuber, thinks that’s a bit unfair.

He told his adorable daughter Amalah that it’s only right that she be the one to spoil Mum, and buy her gift this year! What did she have to say to that?

with what

Fair enough. In order to settle this issue, Dad thought of a solution: compete in a series of challenges! The winner of the contest would be relieved of Mother’s Day responsibilities. The other will have the responsibility of spoiling Mum on her special day!

The competition was comprised of a handful of events: beatboxing, racing, rock-paper-scissors, dance, and armwrestling.

Let’s check out some of the highlights from this hilarious (yet competitive) contest:

beatbox challenge

Amalah may be cute as can be…but she’s no match for Dad and his beatboxing skills in round one. Looks like Dad’s gonna take this round.

Round two was racing…which went to Amalah. She was so fast, we simply couldn’t screenshot her speed, so you’ll have to watch the whole video (found at the bottom of the page) to believe me.

rock paper scissors

However, round three was a little easier to encapsulate. This was the rock-paper-scissors round. Amalah hasn’t quite grasped the rules of the game…or the shapes! So, Dad hysterically takes this round.

Next is the dance off! Let’s see how each contestant fared:

dance offf

Admittedly, neither contestant will blow you away with their skill, so it came down to an endurance contest! The winner: Amalah! The score was tied at 2 to 2!

Only one contest remained: armwrestling. Who would be crowned champion? And who would be handed the responsibilities of spoiling mum on her special day?

You’ll have to watch LaGuardia’s hilarious video below to find out the winner:

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