Dad shares why it's important for his kids to see him kiss their mum

Dad shares why it's important for his kids to see him kiss their mum

Sweet gestures don't only bring you closer to one another but it fosters a sense of stability in your kids

Intimacy in marriage does not only bring you closer to your spouse; it can also strengthen your child’s sense of security and stability.

Little gestures such as hand-holding and pecks on the cheek in the middle of a busy day can serve as subtle reminders that mom and dad are doing just fine.

Adrian Kulp, author of Dad or Alive, who is a full-time stay-at-home dad to two toddlers writes, “I have had our share of challenges and certainly ups and downs when it comes to the romance side of our relationship but we love each other and are dedicated to the family we’ve built.”

He shared one instance when his daughter, Ava, shouted “MARRIED!” at the top of her lungs when she saw him kissing her mom.

“Why are you screaming MARRIED like some sort of lunatic?”, he asked her.

“Because you kissed mommy and now you’re married!” she said, thrilled, skipping out of the room.

He recounts how funny they found her reaction, chalking it up to the silliness of kids.

This simple moment helped him realize how much he had the daily grind get in the way of him showing how much he appreciated his better half, even in the simplest of ways.

After five years and three kids together, Adrian admits all the fast-paced changes, like: new jobs, medical problems, and moving across the country have certainly tested their bond.

photo: Adrian Kulp instagram

photo: Adrian Kulp instagram

He shares with the Huffington Post how he began thinking about his sons and daughter’s concept of romance and marriage. Largely influenced by Disney–as most kids are–Adrian wanted them to learn what love means through those who love them most.

Up until that point, they didn’t show affection deliberately to be a positive influence on their kids’ lives.

Adrian, who recently turned 40, started reflecting upon life, and love. He faced the reality of his kids growing up and possibly having spouses and families of their own one day.

“At the end of the day I want them to know how much I love their mom,” he writes. “I want them to see me touch her, caress her, hug her, take care of her. I want them to see me make time for her, to listen to her, to cherish her (and all her millions of opinions that piss me off half of the time).

I want my boys to understand and learn respect for a woman and how to be sensitive and caring and appropriate (this could be the death of the butt grabs).

I want Ava to understand what to expect from a man, how she should demand to be treated and why love is simple and pure and that love is safe. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Even if it’s just to say good morning or good night, no day would be complete without him showing how much he loves and appreciates the mother of his children

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