A horrible tragedy gets averted as watchful dad saves the day!

A horrible tragedy gets averted as watchful dad saves the day!

Watch this breath-stopping video — which is going viral, by the way — where a father suddenly gets into superhuman mode. Just unreal!

Parents are usually blessed with heightened intuition when it comes to their children. But what this Indonesian father displayed was just extraordinary. In a video that’s going viral,  Zuki Chen Azm is seen using some astounding reflexes to save his two toddlers from coming in the way of an out-of-control car, thereby avoiding a horrible tragedy.

In the breath-stopping video, the car almost runs over the children before their father plunges towards them and grabs them, doing a superhuman backflip to pull them away from danger.

A horrible tragedy was averted in Jambi City in the island of Sumatra a few days before Christmas. In the video, Zuki is seen repairing a motorcycle in the garage, while two young children are walking around. That's when suddenly Zuki notices an out-of-control car heading straight towards the children.

Here’s an heartwarming photo of the father who saved his children from what could have been an unimaginable mishap.

horrible tragedy

As per the source, the CCTV video footage of the incident was uploaded on Facebook by Sutanto Anwar Chen, a relative of Zuki, who also owns the garage where the incident took place.

This was undoubtedly a miraculous feat and a horrible tragedy well-averted. Continue reading for safety tips for children in the outdoors.

Find me one child who doesn’t love playing outdoors and I will know who that one parent is who is lying through his teeth! I agree it’s a task taking the little ones out for their daily dose of play. But what’s a bigger task is keeping an eye out on every move they make. As I keep harping on the fact that a parent, especially of a young child, can never be careful enough, here I also bring to you some things to watch out for when you are outdoors with your bundle of energy:

  • Make sure that the play area is clear of sharp objects or anything that can pose a threat to the child’s well being. As a parent, you may be responsible enough to not leave an empty can of cola by the roadside or may never dump an used syringe in the open, but then that's you.
  • Equip your child to identify danger! It entails a lot more than not talking to strangers. Explain to him the dangers of playing near the street. Tell him to ask an adult for help to fetch a toy that’s fallen beyond the safe boundaries of the park/play area.
  • Ensure that your child is wearing a helmet and other essential gears if riding a bike or using the roller skates and other similar toys. However, once done, also make sure they take it off as they may choke on the fastened belt while running around.

While the list of dos and don'ts is never ending and quite situational too, these are the absolute basic factors to be kept in mind when taking children in the outdoors to play.

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