Dad photographs kid as an ‘astronaut’ going on ordinary, amazing adventures

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This dad truly believes we should encourage our kids to reach for the stars!

They say parents should give their kids both roots and wings. But what if our kids have something else in mind?

When photographer Aaron Sheldon’s son expressed his fear about going to the doctor, they came up with a simple idea to make him brave: to become an astronaut.

Playing dress-up to the check-up, they realised they stumbled upon something fun. Soon, dressing up as a tough rocketeer going to ordinary places like the barber shop, and a fast food chain became their thing.

Hinged upon the realisation that a kid’s life is a lot like a “mini-mission to Mars,” they began the project which they eventually called “Small Steps Are Giant Leaps.”

A kid’s universe is totally alien, and everything they encounter—even the ordinary— takes on an awe-inspiring quality when experienced through their eyes.

Their travels, documented in Aaron’s striking photography, will continue on; they plan to visit New York, Washington D.C. and Cape Canaveral soon, with the help of donations from Kickstarter, a site which NASA also uses to fund their projects.

Check out their journey (so far) below!

"Even astronauts like sprinkles on their donuts..."

Sometimes, they need a ride...

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When they're not commandeering space shuttle, astronauts are fueled by coffee and intense research

A love for astronomy can also be explored through a love for reading

"Cool kids sit at the back of the bus."

This future astronaut is starting small but he has big dreams!

For now, he will have to make do with living vicariously through sci-fi flicks...

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Follow more of their adventures here!

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