Dad assists his breastfeeding wife in the sweetest, simplest way possible

Dad assists his breastfeeding wife in the sweetest, simplest way possible

While dads are expected to have an equal role in helping out with the baby, there's always existed the idea that they cant help breastfeed. Not anymore!

Moms, meet Emily Webber. Like many other mothers int he modern age, Emily recently shared a picture of herself breastfeeding her daughter on Facebook. What's particularly interesting about this mom's breastfeeding post is that her husband was assisting her while she nourished her baby.

You're probably thinking to yourself, "How the heck could her husband be helping her breastfeed?"

Well, as the old saying goes: "less is more".

After being shared by the popular parenting Facebook page, Breastfeeding Mama Talk, the photo went viral! It's already racked up over twenty thousand likes, and more than three thousand shares.

"Example #235670 - on how a dad can "help" with the feedings of a breastfed baby...True love is blow drying her hair while she breastfeeds because you don't have a whole lot of time so you kill 2 birds with 1 stone!" Emily wrote in the caption of the touching photo.

After receiving over a thousand comments on the post, Emily decided to reply on the comment section. There she wrote, “And the best part is I didn’t even ask — he offered! Can’t get any better then that!” Looks like this husband just raised the bar for other dads out there!

The photo aims to motivate husbands to get more involved and more engaged when it comes to breastfeeding. There are tons of ways a new dad can assist the mother of his child when she's feeding their baby, and this dad wasn't afraid to experiment with new techniques.

I guess sometimes less truly is more, but in the long run, it's the little things that matter most!

Click next to reveal 10 helpful expert recommended tips to get your partner involved while breastfeeding!

If you're looking for helpful ways to get your partner involved while you breastfeed, why not take advice from one of the leading figures in the field?

In post a published by The Huffington Post, Ms. Monet, a certified International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiner, shared her top tips for getting hubby involved in the breastfeeding process. This powerful and useful advice will strengthen your relationship with your husband, as well as the relationship between your son/daughter and their father!

Check out these tips summarized in Ms. Monet's own words:


When you first think about bringing a new life into the planet, you must remember that communication is important, not only with yourself, but your belief system and partner. Discuss the benefits of breastfeeding with your partner and weigh out the pros and cons. Have an open mind and remember that it doesn’t work for everyone. Don’t feel pressured to nurse. We have had cases where as consultants the father has pushed the mother to breastfeed and she for whatever reason doesn’t have it in her heart or mind to nurse. That puts her in a terrible situation and can be humiliating. It is the best thing for the child, but lots of women end up hiding how they feel, and may sabotage their own breastfeeding. Some women may have a lot of guilt and pain. If dad can be understanding and supportive of what’s in her heart, then they can grow closer together.


Be Supportive

The story of Hannah in the Bible is a good example of a husband being supportive to his wife about wanting to have children and breastfeeding. The story in short is about a woman who asked God to give her children. She was one of two wives, in which the second wife produced sons and daughters. This caused Hannah great grief. She asked God to give her a male child and promised him back to God. The priest told her to sober up. She said, don’t look unkindly unto me, because I’m pouring my heart out to God. Hannah conceived a son, stayed at home and nursed him until she weaned him. Her husband, knowing that they’ve made this promise, was supportive of her decision to stay home until their child was weaned. In other words, the most supportive thing to do is what is best for the mother and child. It is between you, your child and your God. Support her.


Attend a breastfeeding seminar

For dads, sit there, look interested, and be supportive. Believe me, you will gain from the experience and build a stronger relationship with your partner.


Learn more expert advice, and get your partner involved in the breastfeeding process! Click next for more!


Get online and learn more about breastfeeding. There are all sorts of information available online to readers.



Remember that we live in a web of energy and that we are all connected. When you are breastfeeding your baby in the hospital, and if the father or partner (as a support person) is not involved, then in can be difficult. For example, if your partner is focused on TV, reading, on the computer, texting or talking on the phone, then that can be a distraction. Involvement means shutting it all down and encouraging baby. Focus on the breastfeeding time and not on something else.



As a dad, there are things that you can learn about that helps the process: massage, getting snacks, and holding acupressure points at the base of mother’s neck, to help the milk let down. If you have a happy mother, you have a happy baby.



Help mom learn what positions are most comfortable for her and baby when breastfeeding. Father and mother should act as a team.


[H/T] The Huffington Post

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