Dad Anil Kapoor shares his two "important lessons of wisdom" for his kids

Dad Anil Kapoor shares his two "important lessons of wisdom" for his kids

"I am very tight-fisted with my daughters," says actor and dad Anil Kapoor, who insists that he expects his children to be grounded

It has been over an year since Anil Kapoor was last since on the big screen. But he has no qualms. He is busy saying "yes" to new scripts and is heading his production company that his daughters Rhea and Sonam jointly run.

But that's not the only role this power packed performer is known for.

Kapoor is also a doting father and a loving husband. In fact, on many occasions, he has publicly thanked his wife for her role in his life. Take for instance, his beautiful message on their wedding anniversary.

He posted a collage of their pictures and wrote: "Happy Anniversary @kapoor.sunita !!! Our house would never have become a home without you. Our kids would never have understood the meaning of family without you. I would have never experienced love without you. Thank you for always being my rock , my best friend, my lifeline & my soulmate!!"

He has also been quite vocal about his children's importance in his life and how together with his wife, they raised their kids. So it comes as no surprise when he revealed the important life lessons he has taught them and how they have kept them grounded.

Speaking to a daily, Kapoor said that his number #1 rule is to be tight-fisted father, especially when it comes to his daughters.

Continue reading to see how he taught his kids this valuable lesson and the next most important lesson that we all teach our kids.

He says that he does so to help them learn the value of money.

"I am very tight-fisted with my daughters. Sunita is also like that with them because I want them to know the value of everything. Unlike me, they have had a seven-star life. But that’s in our personal life; that’s our money. But in business, it is other people’s money, so you have to be more careful with that. Where work and business are concerned, I am very tight-fisted and we have seen to that," he is quoted as saying.

With my two daughters who light up my life❤️❤️ Happy Diwali

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He then spoke about the second most important life lesson, which is to learn from your mistakes.

"I don’t want them to repeat whatever mistakes Boney and I made in the past. My thing is, we might break even, but I want all the people who back us, to make money. And I don’t want to burden the film by spending too much and increasing the cost of the film. That’s the thing. Rhea has become very conscious, Harsh is completely conscious about these things. He doesn’t believe in splurging or wasting money and going beyond the budget."

"We live life king-size but as professionals, we are all hungry beggars," he said.

Now that's called practical parenting!

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(Images courtesy: Anil Kapoor on Instagram, Hindustan Times)

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