Baby born with one eye and a missing nose: Cyclops baby

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According to the doctors, the cyclops baby born in Egypt will not survive for more than a few days

Baby born with one eye and a missing nose: Cyclops baby

cyclops baby

Cyclops baby is a condition which is more common in animals than human beings

In the rare of the rarest case, a baby was born with one eye in the middle of his head and a missing nose in Egypt. According to the doctors, the baby suffers from a condition called cyclopia, which is caused due to exposure to radiation in the womb. They believe that the deformity could be caused due to a wrong combination of medicines taken by the mother during her pregnancy or from some source of radiation. The doctors don’t expect him to survive for more than a few days.

Research shows that four out of 1,000 infants are known to suffer from this rare genetic condition. The condition has been named cyclopia after the mythical race of lawless giant shepherds who lived in Sicily which had a single large round eye in the centre of their forehead, reports Daily Mail. Moreover, the condition is more commonly seen in animals than in human beings.

In 2011, India had reported a similar case, where the baby survived for a day.

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