This cute little video talks about the things a little kid dreams about

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From eating candy, to driving a Lamborghini to school, this wonderful video talks about the different thoughts that a little kid has when he's asleep.

This wonderfully sweet video from shows a little boy talking about the things that he dreams about. He talks about how he doesn’t want to go to bed, as well as the different things that happen when he’s asleep. He also talks about how he rolls around when he’s sleeping, and then he gets confused when he wakes up.

boy talking about the things he dreams about

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The video shows a look insdie all the crazy things that kids dream about, and they way they did the video really makes it pretty cute and funny. We just wish that we can still dream up these crazy things as adults. It sure would make bedtime something to look forward to.

kid talking about the things he dreams about

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You can watch the entire video HERE.

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