Study finds that THIS one thing makes couples happier than SEX

Study finds that THIS one thing makes couples happier than SEX

Sex is an important part of a marriage. It helps keep the romance alive, and improves the intimacy between couples. However, you'll be surprised to know that cuddling makes couples happier, and not just sex!

How does cuddling make couples happier?

According to a number of recently published studies on the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, cuddling after sex does a lot more to improve a couple's relationship compared to simply having sex.

One of the co-authors of the study, Anik Debrot, shares, "Sex seems not only beneficial because of its physiological or hedonic effects, but because it promotes a stronger and more positive connection with the partner."

In the study, the researchers did confirm that couples who had more sex were more positive and had more satisfaction compared to couples who didn't have a lot of sex. However, they also found that the couples' satisfaction didn't depend on the sex itself, but by actions such as kissing, hugging, and cuddling after sex.

This means that sweet and romantic acts, such as cuddling can really bring a couple together and make them happier and much more satisfied in their relationship. Simply having sex as a routine, without any cuddling or intimacy afterward doesn't really work when it comes to satisfaction in marriage.

Don't be afraid to show affection

A lot of couples, especially those who have been married for a long time, can fall into routines in their marriage that can make them feel dissatisfied, or even bored in their relationship. It can even go to the point that having sex feels more like a chore rather than an enjoyable activity.

That's why it's important for moms and dads to not be afraid to show affection for each other. It doesn't even have to be anything grandiose; even simple acts of affection such as kissing, holding hands, and hugging can do a lot to bring a couple closer together.

Here are some useful tips!

  1. Learn to say thank you to your spouse whenever they do something for you.
  2. Give your spouse small surprises every so often. It can be flowers, their favorite dessert, or even a book that they love. It doesn't have to be something fancy.
  3. Talk to each other. Communication is important in a marriage, and you don't always have to talk about serious matters. Just talk about anything under the sun!
  4. Let them know that you're happy to be married to them. Tell them how lucky you are that you found each other, and that you're thankful that they're such a wonderful spouse.
  5. Tell them "I love you." It might sound cliche, but telling your spouse that you love them can really make their day.


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*Republished with permission from The Asianparent Philippines

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