Crib or bed: Where should your newborn sleep? Parents split on answer

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Is it safe to let your newborn sleep beside you? Or, would they really be safer in a crib? Parents are divided by their opinions

Whether or not co-sleeping is safe has been an enduring debate amongst parents. And though their views may differ, each of their arguments holds merit.

Over on theAsianparent Community, parents began sharing their views on the subject after one anonymous user posted this question:

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Co-sleeping also reduces nighttime separation anxiety and keeps the baby calm

“I co-sleep with my baby when he’s 1 month old after his nanny left,” writes Jasmine C. “Just because I’m just to lazy to wake up and walk to the cot to breastfeed him. Being said that, I’m also a light sleeper and I’m very cautious when he’s sleeping beside me.”

Hui Qun N. shared some advantages of having your baby sleep beside you. First, she believes it allows the mom to better attend to her baby’s needs. Co-sleeping also reduces nighttime separation anxiety and keeps the baby calm (especially for younger babies).

One dad respondent, Gino W., believes this decision depends on one’s spouse. “For me, it’s my wife that decides if  my baby gets a space in the bed as she is breastfeeding. Waking up in the middle of the night is a pain. So sleeping latch becomes a solution.”

Sophia H. agrees with Gino. “I co-sleep with my kids because it’s easier to take care of them middle of the night, don’t need to get up, go to the baby bed, pick them up, et cetera.” she quips. “I’m lazy!”


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“Many parents co-sleep but you’d have to make sure that your bed is safe for it.”

She does warn her fellow parents, however, to avoid sleeping beside their baby if they are smokers, or have recently taken medication or alchohol. She also emphasizes the need for beddings that pulled tightly over mattresses. Couches and recliners should also be avoided. “There should not be any space between the bed and adjoining wall (prevent baby from getting trapped in the space),” she ends. “Your baby should not be placed on his/her stomach.”

One of the parents who responded was a Nurse. She shared that when her baby was younger, he would sleep in a cot/crib right next to her bed. “This is convenient as I can easily pick him up for feedings and to make sure he is sleeping on his back. Months later, he we moved the cot closer to the wall and at 6 months, the cot is moved to his own room,” recounts Ester E. “We co-sleep sometimes, when he is sick or I’m too tired. I know many parents co-sleep but you’d have to make sure that your bed is safe for it. Bed should not be too soft, blankets and soft toys all over and of course enough space for baby to move about. Co-sleep or not, be wary of SIDS.”

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“Cribs are still the best for young babies.”

Maya O. believes cribs are still the best for young babies.

Aruna M., a mom of four boys, says I allowed my baby to sleep with me on the same bed because that made breastfeeding really easy. I am a mom of 4 boys.

As for Josephine Y., it depends on each parent’s preference. She co-slept with her first child until he was three years old. “Typically, breastfeeding moms will eventually (co-sleep) because it’s too tiring ti wake up and feed. The benefits of sharing the same bed is mom can nurse in a lying down position and catch some rest.”

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“When they start to crawl and move about, it is safer that they sleep in their cot.”

Chris N., a mom of twins, shared that, during their first month, her kids slept in a crib. “We will most likely co-sleep till 6 months old,” she predicts. “When they start to crawl and move about, it is safer that they sleep in their cot.”

Uma J., who recently got her 10-month-old a crib, shared that her little one is having a hard time adjusting to it. “He feels very secure and comfortable. He simply loves it. Now, (for) the past 2days, we started using a new crib for him. He is not happy with that. He doesn’t want to sleep and wakes up immediately. Maybe it will take sometime for my little one to adjust to that crib.”

Based on her experience, however, she believes that it’s best to use a separate bed once a child reaches five months old. “So they can easily adjust to separate cot,” she explains. “At  two months, co-sleeping inceases your bonding with baby. Breastfeeding is easy so that you can get enough sleep.”

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