11 creepy imaginary friends kids have

11 creepy imaginary friends kids have

Because they see the world around them through a fresh lens, children’s imaginations know no bounds. This is why they can come up with the craziest, most creative stories—even imaginary friends.

Because they see the world around them through a fresh lens, children’s imaginations know no bounds. This is why they can come up with the craziest, most creative stories—even imaginary friends.

Users of the so-called “front page of the internet” called Reddit shared the creepiest descriptions of imaginary friends they’ve ever heard from kids. Here are 11 of them:

11 Creepy Imaginary Friends Kids Have

1. The Creeper Man

“My son from the age of three always tells me about the ‘creeper man’ who lives in my mom and dads bedroom. He brings it up after he visits them. I made the mistake once of asking what he looks like. My son said, ‘Oh, he doesn’t have a face.’”

— TravelsWithTheDoctor

2. The Captain

“A parent of one of my students told us in a meeting that she was concerned because her son (7 years old) talked about an invisible ghost who would talk to him and play with him in his room. He said the ghost was called The Captain and was an old white guy with a beard.

“The kid would tell his mom that The Captain told him when he grows up his job will be to kill people, and The Captain would tell him who needed to be killed. The kid would cry and say he doesn’t want to kill when he grows up, but The Captain tells him he doesn’t have a choice and he’ll get used to killing after a while.”

— MidnightXII

11 Creepy Imaginary Friends Kids Have

3. Kelly in the Closet

“When my daughter was three she had an imaginary friend named Kelly who lived in her closet. Kelly sat in a little rocking chair while she slept, played with her, etc. Typical imaginary friend shit. Anyway, fast forward two years later, the wife and I are watching the new Amityville (the one with Ryan Renolds) and our daughter walks out right when dead girl goes all black eyed.

“Far from being disturbed she said, ‘That looks like Kelly.’

“’Kelly who?’ we say. ‘You know the dead girl that lived in my closet.’”

— BrownXCoat

4. Bad Rabbit

“I’ve posted this story some where before, but my cousin, when she was 5, and I was 17, had a stuffed rabbit that she talked to and carried everywhere. One day she was asleep on the couch while I was watching her, and she woke up and started yelling at her rabbit for no reason.

“One minute she was knocked out, the next, she’s awake, glaring at her rabbit, yelling, ‘No! You can’t do that! That’s bad! Don’t do it!’ repeatedly. I asked her what was wrong, tried to get her to stop, but she wouldn’t listen. I finally just took the rabbit up to her room, and when I came back down she was asleep on the couch again.”

— trethompson

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5. Roger

“My little brother's imaginary friend, Roger, lived under our coffee table. Roger had a wife and 9 kids. Roger and his family lived peacefully alongside us for three years. One day, my little brother announced that Roger wouldn't be around anymore, since he shot and killed him and his whole family. I don't know if he remembers any of this, but his genuine lack of remorse was very disturbing.”

— ritzcharlatan

6. Jack

An exchange between one of the students ( 5 years old) in my student teaching placement and myself:

Me: What do you want to write about?

Her: Jack

Me: Oh? Who's Jack?

Her: He's my invisible friend.

Me: Oh, ok, tell me something about Jack.

Her: He's dead.

— sandwhichwench

11 Creepy Imaginary Friends Kids Have

7. The Dead Cousin

“My cousin died when he was 6, and my brother was maybe 2-3 months old. When he was around 3, my brother started playing with those little car mats with the towns on them, and cars, and talking to himself. When my mom asked who he was playing with, he calmly said my dead cousins name. So eerie.”

— _bri_

8. Frannie with the Red Dress

“My little brother used to talk about a woman who would visit his room at night. He said she wore a red dress, that her name was Frannie and that she would sing to him....and that she floats. Well I actually had a relative who died years before he was born named Fannie and her favorite color was red and I think she was buried in a red dress. When we showed him a picture of her he said that was who was visiting him. He also said a man named Jacob who dressed like a lumber jack slept in my bed.”

— nomoslowmoyohomo

11 Creepy Imaginary Friends Kids Have

9. The Evil is Coming

“When my older daughter was two or three, she used to have a couple of imaginary friends, Dodo and DeeDee. They were typical imaginary friends. She would talk to them and play with them, and tell me about their lives. Then one day, when she was about three, she was talking on her play phone when I walked into the room. She ‘hung up’ her phone and said to me (with a completely flat voice and deadpan expression): ‘The Evil is coming.’ It scared the shit out of me. She seriously had an imaginary friend named ‘The Evil.’ Turns out The Evil was actually a pretty nice friend, she just had an unfortunate name."

— Superfish1984

10. Greg

“I asked my 6-year-old son what he was doing and he said, ‘Playing with Greg’ (the name of his imaginary friend). Then when I asked him, ‘What are you guys doing?’ My son responded back with, ‘Making babies!’”

— WeKnowNot

11. Angel of Death

“When my brother was little he acted like he had angels talking to him every second. One day my mom overheard him say, ‘I can't kill him! He's my only dad!’”

— y0m0tha

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