Couples who don't do these 3 things could be taking each other for granted

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At the beginning of a marriage, couples shower one another with love and attention. Every little thing takes on new meaning and simply being together can give you butterflies. Even the ordinary routine and errands can become special and exciting because you both look forward to building a life together.

As time passes, other responsibilities and worries creep in. They demand your focus and attention. Slowly, often without noticing it, you start to take each other for granted. But the passion and excitement doesn't have to fade completely.

How can you keep appreciating your spouse? Start by practicing these three daily habits!

Couples who don't do these 3 things could be taking each other for granted

1. Establish a daily tradition of reunion

Look forward to each time you meet by establishing a routine. Make sure to hug and kiss each other or simply greet each other once you're home and tell each other about your day.

Do not allow the sense of excitement to fade. Be consistent with habits of sweetness to make even ordinary days feel special.

2. Make time (even a a few minutes) for focused communication daily

Even just for a few minutes, set aside time to talk without distractions. Put gadgets away. Turn the TV off and don't answer work e-mails. Just be focused on togetherness. For instance, sit down and have breakfast together or if you're in a rush, share a cup of coffee for a few minutes before starting your day.

3. Create rituals of appreciation daily

Make it a point to thank one another throughout the day---for even the small things. Making this a habit will help keep you from taking one another for granted. It will also help you celebrate the good and see past each other's occasional shortcomings, staying optimistic that you both have room for improvement.


*Republished from The Asianparent Philippines

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