Shocking: Teacher slaps child 6 times on his neck in Mumbai

Shocking: Teacher slaps child 6 times on his neck in Mumbai

The child was allegedly slapped for not buttoning his shirt collar at a school in Chembur

In yet another case of corporal punishment, a teacher of Ryan International School in Chembur, Mumbai, allegedly slapped a 13-year-old boy at least six times for not buttoning his shirt collar. The parents filed a non-cognisable complaint against the teacher, after which she resigned from the post.

The Class IX student could not attend the school after the incident since his neck was badly swollen. "The teacher was called for an emergency meeting with the management on Thursday morning even though the school was closed for Dussehra,” a spokesperson told Hindustan Times.

This is fourth such complaint of corporal punishment reported from Mumbai in past two months. Last week, a principal from a school in Mira Road was accused of caning a 12-year-old boy for not completing his homework.

How to know if your child has been a victim of corporal punishment

When it comes to matters related to school, most kids choose to keep quiet. The reason, they somewhere believe that they have been hit because it was there fault. But how much hitting is too much and how to know if your little one is being affected by the punishments at school.

We bring to you few signs to read into if your little one has been subjected to corporal punishment at school:

  • He goes in a shell suddenly
  • Insists on not going to school
  • Starts showing disinterest in a particular subject
  • Doesn't want to mingle with his school friends anymore
  • Becomes hesitant while speaking his mind up
  • You notice some unusual bruises and marks on his body
  • He suddenly gets scared and frightened of small things

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