It's essential for mothers to reach out to fellow mums

It's essential for mothers to reach out to fellow mums

On Mother's Day, UNIMO-Universe Moms founder Neha Kare has this advice for her fellow women folks.

My experience as a mommy influencer has been very satisfying - it's such a humbling experience. It's incredible to build up a tribe of amazing women who are not only just empowering and connecting with each other they are also shaping the world's largest mommy community, which has a juggernaut effect!

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I created UNIMO-Universe moms “for all the moms of this Universe” and the sole aim of the group is to make The World a smaller and more connected place for Mothers.

There have been numerous instances and special moments that have not only given me a sense of accomplishment but also made me realize that a only a mother can do it all. Here are some moments that will always remain special for me:

1. When one MUMO mom's father 's life was saved by totally stranger mom- when she admitted her dad in a hospital after a minor heart attack.

2. When a breastfeeding mom was suffering from dengue, her baby was breastfed by another mother who was a complete stranger to her.

3. When a small Mompreneur is able to make a living for her family -sitting at her own home - selling on budh bazaar, which is our free Wednesday market on MUMO Mumbai moms Facebook page and also  our WhatsApp group.

4. When one of the most influential woman Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, mentions you as her favourite mommy community.

Connect with other mothers

On Mother's Day, I would like to give an important message to all my fellow women. Join local groups of your interest - choose groups which are city specific and inspire you, expand your mind, stay active, meet fellow group members.

Trust me this will help you become more positive, grow better and stay motivated. You'd be more satisfied and a happier mother at the end of it all and we all know that happy mothers are the best!

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Neha Kare

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