It's an arranged match for actor Neil Nitin Mukesh; gets engaged to Mumbai girl

It's an arranged match for actor Neil Nitin Mukesh; gets engaged to Mumbai girl

The match has been fixed by his parents and the wedding will take place early next year.

It's an arranged match for Bollywood actor and grandson of legendary singer Mukesh, Neil Nitin Mukesh. Unlike the usual norm in tinsel town, Neil is opting for an arranged marriage and the girl has been chosen by his parents. Yes, you heard that right!

“Neil is quite old school in his ways and is a firm believer in the traditional school of thought when it comes to the sacred institution of marriage. He left the decision of finding his soulmate in his parents’ trusted hands and there couldn’t have been a better match for him than Rukmini,” said Neil's father Nitin Mukesh in a statement.

Reports say that Rukmini Sahay(27) is from the aviation industry and her family is based in Mumbai. The wedding is planned for early next year. Here's an image of the two of them as posted by on Instagram:

Finally #engaged #neilnitinmukesh #bollywood #chocolate #boy

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Neil's father Nitin Mukesh was over the moon and has said that their daughter-in-law has already won the hearts of the family members because of her simplicity and upbringing. The ecstatic father also said that he is extremely happy that his son would finally get married and settle down.

"She reflects the values and traditions that Neil has been raised with and compliments him in every way possible. The celebrations to the final countdown have already begun," he said.


With daddy dearest. Dressed by Sarath Krishnan

A photo posted by Neil Nitin Mukesh (@neilnitinmukesh) on

The soon to be married couple had a Roka ceremony on Tuesday on the auspicious occasion of Dusshera.

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The 34-year-old actor looked dapper in a black embroidered sherwani while Rukmini looked resplendent in a blue and pink heavily embellished lehenga.

Rukmini also sported a simple gajra to keep the look more traditional and must say that she looked gorgeous. Here's another picture of the two of them from Twitter:


News reports also say that Rukmini and Neil have been seeing each other for the last couple of months after their families introduced them to each other.

It is indeed surprising to know that Neil chose for an arranged match by his parents in this day and age. Arrange marriages can sometimes turn out to be better than love marriages. Here's why:

1. Arranged marriages bring the families closer: As everything happens by the consent of both families, an arranged marriage paves way for greater bonding between families and leads to harmony at home.

2. Couples look forward to change: Since both the girl and the boy don't know each other before they actually get married, the couple gives their best shot to adapt to the changes that come with marriage without any expectations.

3. Greater compatibility with in-laws: As the match is decided by the parents, there is a greater chance that both the girl and the boy have a better relationship with the in-laws, which is an essential criteria for having harmony at home, especially in joint families.

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