Confessions of a mom who is sleep deprived and frustrated!

Confessions of a mom who is sleep deprived and frustrated!

Bringing up a child is exhausting. Here are some confessions of a mom who's done believing that motherhood is all goody-goody

Confessions of a mom who is sleep deprived and frustrated!

confessions of a mom

Confessions of a mom: I allow my child TV/phone time just to get few minutes of shut-eye

A few months after I stepped into motherhood, I underwent a guilt phase of being a ‘bad mom’. This happened over a series of conversations with a fellow mother whom I would meet often at the park.

“Don’t look so tired. I have learnt to be positive and beaming always. Sacrifice is the beauty of motherhood,” she said during a conversation. “Sleep when the baby sleeps, you have to work your way around the baby now,” she added in another.

I could never contribute much to those dialogues. While she spoke of motherhood as this divine road to martyrdom, I reminiscenced my initial days of being sleep-deprived, frustrated and yearning for normalcy. I even remember using cuss words in my head. This is made me feel a terrible, selfish person.

However, a few months and many more rendezvous with some other mums, I realised I wasn’t alone. Women do exhibit shades of grey when it comes to parenting. They do crave for a few moments of sanity and peace in this crazy ride of parenthood.

Now before you clasp your mouth in disbelief, let me clarify. I’m not talking about meting out a “step-motherly” treatment to your child. All I’m doing is presenting you some confessions of a mom who is lazy, exhausted or plain frustrated . Is yours in the list?

Confessions of a mom

I spend an extra five minutes in the bathroom just to pee in peace

Weekdays, weekends and holidays are all the same for a mom and me time is a rare jewel. So sitting in the bathroom with my cellphone counts as me time for me and I will have it.

I say no to my child

Yes. For unreasonable demands, no means no. No beating round the bush, no euphemism. And saying no for the right things does a lot more good than giving in to everything.

I let that dirty diaper on for a wee bit longer

There was a time when I would change the diaper even if I dreamt of a baby pooping. Not anymore. I wait for a few extra seconds. Till I finish that coffee. Or that veggie chopping. Call me lazy.

As long as they’re not poisoned or dirty, I allow my child to mouth his toys

You sterilise everything the child will possibly touch and then he goes and licks the floor. Basic hygiene is crucial, but overdoing it adds to the stress. I don’t see the point.

I don’t let my child win just because he’s little

Even if I’m playing catch with my son, I don’t pretend I’m losing. It’s unfair on him. It’s also one of my ways to teach him that it takes effort to win.

I show my child TV during meals sometimes

Yes, it’s been said that it’s a terrible thing to do. But when my particularly fussy eater eats only when his eyes are glued to the screen, I have little choice left. For me, a full stomach wins over a possible habit. It’s better than chasing after him with the spoon and dirtying the entire house.

I don’t rush to pick up my child at the first whimper

Especially, when it’s just a call for attention. I have enough of mom instinct to know when he’s badly hurt or needs some extra TLC. So if it’s just a tantrum, I wait, peek over to see if he’s managed to get distracted and then attend to him.

I arrange for a baby sitter/relative just to step out for a pedicure

The first time I did that, I felt guilty. By the time the pedicure was done, I looked forward to going back home. Some guilt-free time away from baby always does good.

I start planning for an exotic meal for my child, then end up making khichdi

I do wish to prepare those dinosaur-shaped cookies, or that smiley face sandwich. But most of the time, I end up making the usual khichdi, idli, dosa or paratha. I change the veggies for the variety of its colour. That’s about all the creativity I can manage.

By now after reading the confessions of a mom, if you have concluded that I’m not a very ideal mom, I don’t blame you. A mother has always been pictured as this sacred, white-washed angel who thinks and does no wrong.

For me, what is important is that my children are safe, healthy and smiling. That done, these little pleasures that I indulge in for my sanity are quite justified, I think. Recently, the same park mommy shared with me, “It’s only when you’re happy can you keep your child happy.” Kudos to that.

Bringing up a child is exhausting. These were some confessions of a mom who’s done believing that motherhood is all goody-goody. But No matter what be the Confessions of a mom, the reality is that she loves the child from the core of her heart.

Do you have any frustrated confessions of a mom? Share in the Comment Box below.

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Preeti Athri

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