6 common infant illnesses and how to beat them

6 common infant illnesses and how to beat them

If you have an infant, chances are they will fall ill at some point or another; they don’t yet have sophisticated immune systems

Infants don’t yet have sophisticated immune systems, and as a result they are prone to illnesses, from the common and mild to the rare and severe.

If you have an infant, chances are they will fall ill at some point or another. Here are six of the most common infant illness and how you can beat them.

Common cold

6 Common Infant Illnesses and How to Beat Them

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Common cold is so common that even infants get them. Today Parents suggests that parents use humidifiers to make sure that their infants’ airways remain clean. Keeping their heads elevated also helps, allowing fluids to travel through their body quicker.



It can be tough to treat a child’s cough, because the remedies that work on adults are not suitable for them. But there are certain drug-free remedies you can try, such as saline drops, a little honey, and raising their heads. Increasing their fluid intake work by thinning out their mucus.


“Keep giving your child table foods while he has diarrhea,” according to Summit Medical Group. “The choice of food is important. Starchy foods are digested best. Examples of such foods are dried cereals, grains, bread, crackers, rice, pasta and mashed potatoes. Pretzels or saltine crackers can help meet your child’s need for sodium. Soft-boiled eggs and yogurt are easily digested and provide some protein.”

Ear infection

Photo credit: rumpleteaser / Flickr

Photo credit: rumpleteaser / Flickr

When an infant suffers from an ear infection, it is best that they are brought to the doctors for examination. That way a medical professional can prescribe antibiotics or recommend implants or tubes be placed in the child’s ears, says WebMD.



Regular pooping in infants is a sign that they are properly digesting food. Once this stops, it should be a cause of concern, says Jennifer Shu, M.D., an Atlanta-based pediatrician, in a Parents magazine story.


Photo credit: Marie-Claire Camp

Photo credit: Marie-Claire Camp

Teenagers and young adults aren’t the only ones who suffer from acne; infants get them too. It usually appears a two to three weeks after an infant is born, and could last until they are half a year old .

Experts say that infant acne is very common, and that they shouldn’t aggravate it by scrubbing or picking it off. Washing it with water will suffice.

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