When it comes to hubby Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput has only ONE regret

When it comes to hubby Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput has only ONE regret

Read on to know what is that one regret that Mira has...

Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor have become one of the most talked about couples in Bollywood after their wedding last July. Moreso because they have not only shown the world how to totally rock an arranged marriage but also how to raise a baby together in the limelight.

The couple has also been very supportive and always has good things to talk about each other. In fact, Shahid just can't stop raving about his wife whenever he's asked about her.

Shahid had also mentioned in an interview that the one quality that he adores in Mira is that she is very confident and self-assured and that was the one thing that he liked her even before they were married.

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"We could speak very easily. So, I thought we could be friends in spite of not having anything in common. We were able to connect as people. It felt easy, nice and normal. I found her to be self-assured and not at all affected by the fact that I am an actor,” he reportedly shared.

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But, when it comes to his wife Mira, while she has lots to thank her hubby for, especially how he cared for her during her problematic pregnancy, she has only one regret which is that he dropped out of college and didn't complete his education.

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"Yeah, she keeps telling me, ‘you didn’t complete your college, and there is no way that our child will not complete his education.’ I feel like I need to explain it to her that it’s not like I didn’t want to complete college, it’s just that I got work and I used to earn for myself. So, it just happened like that," Shahid said in an interview recently.

While Mira is definitely right when she says that Shahid should have completed his education, the fact is that most of the popular Bollywood stars are not educated and not even apply for college.

Recently at a promotional event, Ranbir Kapoor mentioned that he is the most educated in his family. He secured 56% in his 10th Board exams.

"My family’s history isn’t that good. My father failed in 8th grade, my uncle in 9th and my grandfather in 6th. I am actually the most educated member in my family. I got 56 per cent in my 10th boards and my best of five percentage was 60," said Ranbir at a promotional event in Mumbai.

Though all his childhood he used to fear his father and made sure he didn't flunk, that never stopped him from becoming the superstar that he is now

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